Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Those calories don't count #fittip

I can't believe next week is Christmas and I haven't been in front of a single sugar cookie! I've somehow managed to avoid overeating but I'm sure there will be plenty of temptations over the next week. The Holiday's seem to revolve around eating. We could be out skating or doing activities and instead we sit around and eat. Then, eat some more.  Maybe the fact that New Years is right around the corner gives us hope that the weight gained over Christmas will somehow become a priority. This is not the case. Just like last year and the year before.

People every year gain weight because they attend gathering after gathering and there is no control over what goes in and what gets burned off. The first three weeks of January are spent trying to burn off those calories but then it just becomes too hard and the weight stays on and Christmas comes and goes again. You see my point?!

Well here's the truth. My friend and I were talking the other day about calories and the one's that don't count. Remember to keep these in mind over the next few weeks and think about all the times you might have spoken the following.

Calories don't count when:

  • you're sick
  • you're going through a break up
  • you've just killed a workout at the gym
  • you're about to go to the gym
  • you're on vacation
  • you go out for dinner
  • you've had a bad day
  • you're sad
  • someone dies
  • you're depressed
  • you're pregnant (within reason - 1st and 2nd tri you need an extra 150 calories and in your 3rd you need an extra 300 per day!)
  • you've lost your job
  • you've just got a new job
  • you're celebrating a friends birthday
  • you're out with the boss (stand your ground)
  • you're tired
You get the point...we've all been there but I hate to break it to you. Calories always count! If your not counting, your butt is. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you don't start making healthier choices every meal, every day you will gain weight and resent all the food you didn't need to eat but eat because it was within an arms reach. I am saying all of this because I have been there and can relate not because I am pointing fingers. Everything in moderation.

More fit tips to come to help you survive this holiday season! 

Eat. Sweat. Smile. Repeat.