Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 9th, I have a plan and a goal. Toronto here I come.

On January 9th I decided that it was time to make a change and take my fitness to the next level. I spend so much time in the gym, but don't get the results that I should have for the amount of hours I am there. The reason? I don't have a specific plan or goal that I am working on or towards. Now, I have both!
It all started in December when I met a girl that competes in figure competitions and went I got home I started to Google what she does and I couldn't get it out of my head. I told her I really wanted to put my training into high gear and have a purpose. A few weeks went by and we met for coffee last weekend and we made a game plan. I have goals and a competition that I'm working towards.
My goal, in 6 months from now I will be competing in Toronto in the Oxygen model search. I know I have a lot of work to do, but that work is mainly learning more about how to eat more balanced and portion sized meals and to go to the gym with a plan. I am willing to do the work and I am so excited to have a goal to work towards and I really want to do this. People might think I'm nuts because my body needs to get more toned and less loose in some places (love handles, inner thighs). You get the picture. Speaking of pictures, when Natalie and I had finished discussing all my questions she asked me to send her a few things. They included a sample of what I eat over a 3 day period, when I eat and what my portion sizes are like. The second thing was a sample of what I do when I go to the gym over a 7 day period. The last She asked me to send her a picture from the front, back and size. Horrified as I am the same color as a vampire, I did it. I realize that in 6 months from now, I will love to look back at the pictures so that I can see all my hard work and how its paid off. I am debating on whether or not I want to post the pictures. Maybe in a few weeks when I can post updated ones along with it.
Anyways, I felt that working towards this goal would be a great opportunity for me to blog about things I am feeling, craving, things I found really hard and moments where I started to see my hard work paying off, also to get support from family and friends to help keep me on track over the next 6 months.

Stay posted for more about my journey to be a fitness model. I know I can do it. It will just take time, effort and dedication all of which I am willing to do to reach my goal.