Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Giving vegetarianism a go!

Working at Vega is a great place to try new things because everyone is always working towards the next marathon or fitness event or health cleanse. Needless to say, it's contagious working among such a group of like minded and focused individuals. People are constantly setting new goals but they don't necessarily have to be fitness related but can be about trying something new.

This month there is a lot going on here at Head Office, as there always is. People are training for Tough Mudder, others just finished the BMO marathon, others are doing juice cleanses and the sales team is hosting a squat and push-up challenge! So far it's been a blast and very motivating because we all keep each other going. Everyone has the calendar at their desk and it's pretty cool to see everyone working together! Very motivating.

At home, Brett has started to embrace a healthier lifestyle and is taking it to the next level. It's great that we are both on the same page and we've decided to do two days a week with no meat products. He is even planning on cutting out dairy! It's all in an effort to motivate one another and to live a healthier life. I am very excited and look forward to finding great vegetarian recipes to try. Once commercial that will really get you thinking is Make Health Last by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I've also come to the tough decision that I will no longer be competing in the fitness industry and will be focusing on training others and my own training. By nature, I am a very competitive person and after A LOT of conversations, I have decided to take a permanent break so I can focus on other things. I have loved meeting all the people I've met and look forward to support my friends with their journey's going forward.

May and June are going to be busy but it's important to find the time to workout and with the weather, it's hard not to want to get outside. Lately I've been getting up at 5 am because our apartment gets so hot that I'd rather be in the gym anyways. The best part about getting up and to the gym is that I have it all to myself for the first 45 minutes! I am sure going to miss it when we move June 1st but I will still find a way to train.

Have a great week everyone and follow your dreams and set goals. Boot Camp is going to be in Vancouver this Saturday at 10:30. Location to be announced! Email me if you are interested,

Yours in health and fitness,