Monday, November 14, 2011

I said I wanted a trophy, and I did it!

This weekend was nothing short of a roller coaster. Friday was the athletes meeting and I had already spent the day tanning with my mom but I was still no dark enough. Carb and water depleted, I drove home frustrated that I had to apply two more coats before bed. I called my mom and warned her that I was a little on edge but I knew that I needed to get it done. She was very understanding and stayed up with my until I had on 6 coats.

I set my alarm for 5 am and it really started to feel like a dream that in less that 12 hours the whole day would be starting and I would be going through the motions of competition day. I shut my eyes and the next thing I knew it was 4:36 and I was up and turning on my hot rollers. After packing my suitcase, I started putting the rollers in because Jordan would be arriving shortly to start makeup at 6. Time was just starting to fly but and the next thing I knew, my makeup was done and I was getting ready to head to the theater. I got there early because I wanted to get a good spot and I ended up getting a spot with a wonderful group in a small dressing room. Everything happens for a reason and I definitely ended up in theirs for a reason. Kennedy, who I had met the week before, and her mom (who was also competing) were in the dressing room and the positive energy amongst the ladies was awesome and definitely made the day!

It was only 8:30 when I arrived and I still had to finish my hair and put on some final tanning touches before all I could do, was wait. At 12:45 they finally started calling for the Bikini Tall girls and Kennedy (164) and I headed up stairs to wait backstage before it was our turn to make an appearance and rock it! It wasn't until 1:30 that I went on stage and I felt like it was all a dream. All my posing definitely paid off because I didn't even think about it. It was like my golf swing, natural. I walked out, rocked my front pose, back pose and then waited at the back of the stage for call outs.

As the last girl came on stage, we got brought to the front in two groups to get judged some more before we were told to return to the back of the stage. Now, was it for the call outs. How call outs work is you want to get called out first because that usually means you are top five. I am pretty sure I was holding my breath and smiling really hard at the judges and then finally, number 165....(my number) came over the head judges mic. I got first call out!!!! This was a good sign. They called up 4 other girls and started shuffling them around to do comparisons and then we were to return to the back of the stage.  I was beaming through my teeth and couldn't believe it.

As I walked off the stage I almost wanted to pee my pants I was so excited. I decided to head home and have a little rest before the evening show in a few short hours where I would find out my destiny. After returning home. I was bouncing off the walls and was chatting a million miles a minute. After blabbing about the morning to my family, I took a little nap and then got up and had to get ready all over again as I wanted to get back to the theater early to ensure I got the same space as the morning. I had all the same ladies in my room for the evening show and it was time to find out if I was in fact a winner.

On my way back to the theater I started down playing the fact that I might have actually been top 5 even though I did get first call out. What if I didn't win or get top 3?! I didn't want to get too excited before I actually had that trophy in my hands. After waiting 4 and half hours to go back on stage, it was my time. They lined us up and Kennedy and I said a little prayer and they called her number and I was next. I marched out on stage did my front pose, back pose and returned to the back of the stage. After all the girls were called out, they asked us to leave the stage and then they would call back out the top 5. I was the third girl called out and all I could do was wait. First they announced 5th, then 4th and I couldn't believe it, I was top 3!!! Already an accomplishment, they called out 3rd and I realized I was top 2! At this point I was praying for them not to call my number and it almost happened in slow I was 2nd!!! Oh, my god! I won and was now a qualifier for the BC's in June next year. I left the stage and was jumping up and down! It sure felt like first place but it also still felt like a dream. I had accomplished my goal and in a big way.

After the show, my family awaited for me in the lobby and I couldn't wait to see them! After Brett and I went to Cactus to celebrate with the rest of the BBB girls and it was a lot of fun. It was 1 am and I had been up since 4:30 and was wiped to say the least but it was all worth it! At Cactus, just in case you were curious, I didn't go crazy. I had calamari and Brett and I split the J.D bbq burger and I was content. I didn't wanted to eat too much because I was having brunch at my house on Sunday to celebrate my birthday and post competition.

Anyways, this post has been a novel and I didn't even tough on Sunday....This whole journey has been amazing and now I will enjoy a little down time and eat clean, continue training and focus my energy on some other things right now but BC's next June, here I come! I think I just committed to another show :S maybe I'll sleep on it...

Thank you to all my friends that came and supported me during the morning show, my family who has tolerated a lot and supported me and provided lots of hugs when I needed them, to my Oval family who always had a positive outlook, my boyfriend who is excited to see me eat real food and gave me all the space I needed to reach my goal and everyone for reading about my journey. You were all there on stage with me and I really appreciate all the letters and notes from all of you!

Love you all!!!!

Nic out


Friday, November 11, 2011

It's TANNING TIME!!! 1 more sleep people!!!!

I had a great sleep last night and a final "pose off", as my boyfriend calls it, last night at l'Oval. Today I got up and felt great minus the fact that my mouth is now drier than the Sahara. So I guess that is the answer to my question. My mouth is drier that the Sahara dessert. Anyways, my mom got up with me this morning and helped me get my first two cost of ProTan on and the color is looking good. I had a lot to prep last night because with a tan it makes it hard to touch things so I did my laundry and put old sheets on my bed for tonight and tomorrow so I wouldn't get tan on my bed.

People don't realize how much prep work goes into today and tomorrow in order to get ready. You have to make sure you pack all your food for the competition along with a survival kit, heels, suit, cushion, book, things to do in between shows, an extra pair of heels...etc. This all has to get packed into a rollie and cooler because you don't want any bags with straps as it can rub on your tan which takes time to apply in the first place.  ahhhhh...

It's almost time for me to leave for the athletes meeting and I get to start carbing up on CHOCOLATE CARMEL RICE CAKES to help me fill out a little because I'm looking a little skinny. You have no idea how excited I am about this or maybe the all caps gave it away...Anyways after the athletes meeting I plan on going to bed early so I can be Fresh, my new favorite word, for tomorrow. Jordan is coming at 6 am to do my makeup which is one thing I don't ever worry about because she is AMAZING also well deserving of all caps. Tomorrow will start at 5 am with a small cup of black coffee and hot rollers. I have to be ready and in New West by 8:30 to get a good spot back stage. This is crucial because there are a lot of competitors and you want to have a good set up because you are there all day.

There isn't much to do today except rest, relax and Remember! Enjoy your Friday people!

Snooki is in da house and I just "did" my nails and gurllll, they be lookin' pretty :)

Nic out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My mouth is like the sahara dessert..

I got up this morning and did my last cardio session before the big day Saturday. Swiping in at the Oval was almost bitter sweet. It was the last time I would swipe in before I had officially do everything in my power training wise. The rest was up to my meal plan and making sure I had all my food prepped for the final few days. 

Today I planned to be busy all day to help distract myself from everything I couldn't eat or drink. It's pretty challenging to have to do an hour of cardio and only be able to drink 500 ML of water the ENTIRE DAY! Needless to say, my lips are chapped and I'm thirstier than a camel. Tomorrow will be worse, but I am going to do it with a smile on my face and enjoy every last drop of water that I do get. A whole 250 ML...I also had the brilliant idea of grocery shopping today for the party on Sunday, which was a terrible idea. After getting everything I needed, I decided to pay my lovely Dapper of a boyfriend a visit at the bank and to drop of a little present. He has been amazing throughout this whole process and I just wanted to show him how much everything he does helps me out. We went for a little stroll and got him some sushi and then it was back to business. It's funny that we've never eaten a "real" meal together so I am pretty excited to go out for dinner after the comp Saturday night with him so we can both chow down! Hollar for the yam fries.

After my little outing with Brett, I headed home to do my final, FINAL, food prep. I am looking forward to never eating chicken again, well at least for at least a month. I've been eating around 21 ounces of chicken a day and I need a good steak! The only other thing I wanted to do was to go back to the oval and spend some time in the studio so that I could run through my posing one last time and I am really happy that I forced myself to go. After wrapping up a bunch of loose ends around my place, it was time to site down. I had been on the go since 730 and I am exhausted. Tomorrow is all about my Snooki transformation and athletes meeting which I am so excited about. I can't wait to see all the competitors and really get in the zone. 

I know that Saturday will be here soon enough and I will try to keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook with updates, otherwise you will have to tune in on Monday morning to hear all about my journey as a Bikini Competitor with the BCABBA.

Have a great weekend everyone and Thank you for checking out my blog! Oh, and don't forget - tomorrow is Remembrance Day and it's important to take time to acknowledge it!

Nic out!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You know your carb depleted can't find your car

First of all I want to THANK EVERYONE for all the birthday wishes yesterday. Saturday will be the best present of all (positive thinking) and I'll get to enjoy a cupcake then but for now my eyes are on the prize in a big way. I am a very competitive person but also really enjoy motivating others so I am really happy to be apart of such a great team of Beautiful BBB girls! Shake it!!! Anyways, last night I came home to one of the nicest surprises ever. My sister spelt out Happy B-day on the wall in my room and on each post it note there was a world that when read from left to right was the birthday card. It is the sweetest and most moving thing ever. The post it  notes are a inside joke, but if you follow my blog it will make sense. My birthday was really special and I appreciate everyone's positive blessings.

Only 3 more sleeps until the Sandra Wickham show and my brain is toast. After my cardio session this morning I took my time and stretched but as I was leaving and walked into the parking lot, I couldn't remember where I had parked my car. Considering I am on day 3 of no carbs and attempting two workouts a day, I figure its excusable. But seriously. You know your carb depleted when you can't find your car...

The worst part about taking my time at the gym was that I went way too long without eating and had no food prepared at home. This meant that I had to go to the grocery store and cook on an empty stomach - not smart...I made the most of my cardio and will attempt a light full body workout and practice my posing in the studio later tonight.

Tomorrow is my last day to workout and all that's on the agenda is an hour of cardio. Easy, but I swear I am going to go through workout or gym withdrawal. It's a good thing I have a busy day tomorrow and Friday between work, final contest prep and Remembrance Day. But as I continue to say, I have to enjoy and take in each day and make the most of it. Every time I close my eyes I visualize Saturday and being on stage and how it will all be over I find myself really sad as the dream comes to an end. Competing is very important to me and maybe I will have to continue to find a way to be involved in it.

Today I thought I was cooking my final batch of food for the next 4 days but 3 flat of chicken later, I am still short food which means another trip to Save-On for chicken and fish. I have more than enough asparagus and yams (for Saturday) but I need to have everything cooked by tomorrow night because Friday is all about the tan. I tried a new product this time called ProTan and it goes on so nice and smooth. I am going to do three coats on Friday and hopefully be dark enough. I would totally recommend this product if you are going to a wedding or party and want a little bit of color. It works like a gem.

Friday night is our athletes meeting and that's when we get measured and sorted into height classes, competitor packages, numbers, directions for Saturday etc. It will be fun to see the girls from the BBB team and all the other competitors. Over 160 competitors and 1100 spectators! Even though you are carb depleted and water depleted, you have to make the best of it and that's where the hype of the athlete meeting helps.

Speaking of depletion, I'm not sure what's worst. The lack of carbs or the lack of water. I think the carb depletion has been hard the last 3 days because that is when you need your energy because you are still in the gym trying to pump out your final workouts. Water depletion makes your lips all dry and you feel like a camel in the middle of the dessert. Its not a pretty week. On Thursday I am only allowed 500 ML of water and 250 ML of water on Friday and nothing Saturday morning. This includes coffee and tea. You are only allowed the about amounts of distilled water. Yuck! The good news is that tomorrow is my last workout and then I get to relax a little because there is really nothing else I can do. Like I've said before, this isn't something you can cram for.

So here is to chugging as much water as humanly possible today because I hit the dessert tomorrow for a few days of water depletion. Happy Hump Day everyone.

Nic out!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living in LA-LA- LAND. 4 carb depleted sleeps...

Day two of carb depletion and I am in LA-LA-LAND. If you talk to me in the next few days, be prepared for random thoughts and conversations that are all over the map. Needless to say you've be for-warned.
I had a pretty good day yesterday and managed to get in two good cardio sessions thanks to Briana. She called me last night, when I had no motivation to go back to the gym and asked if I wanted to do a workout. It was exactly what I needed and I told her I'd be there ASAP! I got to to the Oval and we bumped off a nice 40 minutes of cardio. Briana = Monday's lifesaver.

Last night I went to bed at 9pm. It's the second night in a row that I've been in bed by 9 and I feel refreshed. My game plan is to get as much rest as possible so that I can give my workouts 100%. Today includes an hour of cardio and a full body circuit in the afternoon followed by a relaxing night with my man. What a great way to spend my birthday :) It's hard to believe that it's my birthday because I am so focused on my goal this Saturday. It's on my brain 24/7. Every workout, every meal, every good night sleep. It is all an important part of the equation.  In terms of prep, I have everything I need from tanning products, to makeup sponges, appointments booked and that makes me feel more relaxed about everything.

My parents surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers last night. I love fresh flowers. They just add something special to a home and look really nice in my apartment. Oh, and I wanted to share a little tid-bit from my photo shoot with Pink Elephant photography!

Off to the gym and then a full day off work!

Nic out!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I WORK OUT! 5 sleeps

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a spectacular weekend.  My weekend was jam packed of goodness. On Saturday the BBB girls rocked one final prep day of posing and it was great! Before prep, I got up and bumped out a little cardio and hit the gym Saturday afternoon for a full hour of cardio :) Then it was family time! The Wilson clan headed downtown to watch the Lions destroy Montreal for a spot in the Grey Cup finals. It was a fun game and a great atmosphere. After the game I met up with my boyfriend and his friends and went dancing! It was a good time, me, my diet coke and a bunch of boys ;)

I got home relatively early but the extra hour did nothing for me...I was up and at the gym 20 minutes before it opened and snuck in a little early to get my hour of cardio done for the day. I was super tired and felt like I had a massive hang over and looked like ass but once I got to the gym it was fine. Willpower people! I could have stayed in bed for several hours! After the gym I met with my sister for a little pedicure action and she even treated me to a paraffin wax treatment on my hands and feet which felt awesome! She had only gotten 2 hours of sleep the night before so needless to say we were both well relaxed after out treatments and headed home for some down time. My sister has been house sitting for a month so its nice to have her around the house again. Her and my parents are so supportive of me and put up will all my mood swings and I appreciate them a lot!

Today I was up early to get my cardio and last weight workout in with Fletch. It really hit me on the way to the gym that I have only 4 hours of cardio and two full body workouts left before Saturday. I am stoked on where my bodies at and as promised, here is my picture from Saturday, 7 sleeps and overall feeling great! Can you tell, I WORK OUT! Lol.

Anyways, I am feeling great and can't wait to be on stage and representing! The next few days will be interesting as my final prep week is different than last time. I am spending the next three days carb depleting and doing my regular workouts which means I will be running on empty but as of Thursday I get to carb up! Hollar. The upside is that I get carbs but the downside is that I also start cutting water. I'm only allowed 500ml through out the day and 250 ml on Friday. I am going to be on thirsty camel on Saturday but downing a bunch of water after the competition is a terrible idea and can make you really sick. My game plan for after the competition is to have a sugar free Vitamin water and a rice cake with peanut butter. I am looking forward to seeing how I fill out for Saturday as I am already pretty lean. Man am I looking forward to Saturday morning. I get to have 10 chocolate covered almonds on Saturday but I am going to ask if I can have those mini reese pieces cups instead. I LOVE those!

I am also really excited to have so many friends and family members coming out to support me and my crazy dream of competing as a bikini competitor. This week is going to have a lot of highs and lows. One thing that is on my mind is that my grandma is in the hospital and isn't doing very well and she has always been very special to me and I've always been her special one so this one I'm dedicating to her. She always told me I could do anything I set my mind to and that is exactly what I am going to do this weekend!  This ones' for you grandma!

Anyways, I am on my way to the hospital to visit her and then I have work I need to get done today. There is so much still to do this week! eek! One day at a time though. If your interested in coming to the show, tickets for the 9am show Saturday are still available at the Massey Theater for $25. Have a great day everyone!



Friday, November 4, 2011

I got swag-gar. 8 sleeps!

Last night I was in bed at 8:45 pm and read a magazine and I'm pretty sure I was out by 9:30. My body must be trying to tell me something and I felt well rested when I got up this morning to my alarm clock. I got up, had some coffee, organized myself and the day was on!

A little cardio and my final upper body workout with Fletch was on the agenda and it was a tough one. I was in my last super-set, on my fourth exercise and I literally had the cry feeling of oh my god, is it over. Fletch came over and looked at me and asked why I had stopped and I replied "I'm done and my body is toast." He asked if I was mentally or physically tired and I looked at him and then back to myself in the mirror, took a deep breath and finished the set of exercises. It took everything for me to zone in on that little bit of energy I had left and I knew I had to rest. I understand that each workout is suppose to be a "last chance workout" but really, my body isn't going to change much over the next week except in terms of dropping the infamous water weight.

Speaking of weight, I can't afford to loose anymore of it! I have already been at my competition weight for a week and I know I am still holding around 4 - 5 pounds of water. I don't want to get any leaner because if my body is exerting too much energy it will start to look to other places such as muscle for energy and that would not be a good thing. I want to look more than toned this time, I want to look shredded. My abs are usually the thing I struggle with the most so I conveniently scheduled my last heavy legs for this past Wednesday, upper body today and inner core Monday and I will do a little full body circuit on Wednesday and a tiny bit of cardio.

Speaking of this past Wednesdays heavy leg workout, I am walking with some mad swag-gar. My legs are so sore from all those, let me rephrase that...from the 1000 squats I did on Wednesday that I am walking like a gangsta. And no, I don't look cool and going up and down stairs hurts. Good thing I still have a few days to stretch them out before I have to be in heels because I could see that being a problem.

Right now cardio is such a huge part of my daily routine but with the amount of calories I'm bumping out in an hour isn't the same as it was 2 weeks ago because I don't have the energy to hit the high speeds and high incline as I use to. This doesn't mean I'm not giving 100%, it just means I take my time and trying to balance out my morning and evening cardios to equal workouts instead of one being harder than the other.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Saturday morning I will be up early to hit the gym before my final athletes meeting with the BodyByBrandt girls where we are talking about the final countdown! After the meeting I am heading out to meet Brett for a little midday outing and some QT (quality time) and then the BC Lions game with my family. I am really excited. Sunday, Robyn and I are going for some pedicures so all in all its going to be a good weekend. Time to relax a little....

Stay tuned for the "7 days out photo" and a full weekend re-cap on Monday morning people!

Nic Out


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Single digits! 9 little sleeps!

After a horrible sleep on Tuesday, I slept like a baby last night at the cabin and got up early to hit the gym in North Vancouver before returning back with coffee for Brett and me. He was still asleep so I did some work before he got up and we made breakfast and just enjoyed some quiet time together. This is the amazing omelet that Brett made for himself. It smelt and looked delicious.

The day was off to a good start and it's official, I'm 9 sleeps from show time. I have 2 more heavy weight days and two more full body workouts and 12 more
 cardio sessions before my moment on stage to showcase all my hard work. After a year of prepping chicken, passing on girls nights and living at the gym, I will have completed my goal plus some.

I have mixed emotions but most of all I want to take it one day at a time because this chapter in my life will be over and a new one is just beginning.  It's like Christmas, it comes and goes in a blink of an eye so you have to really take it all in.

I know what I need to do each day and eat every meal from here out to ensure I am exactly where I want to be in just over a week. Competing is not something you can cram for. It is something that takes a lot of time and discipline. You cant nibble here and there or miss a workout because your tired. You only have each day and what you make of it. Someone once said, a moment on the lips is forever on the hips and in this case is 100% true. You can't make excuses for events or I'll start fresh Monday. There are no due overs and the only person your cheating is yourself. You are cheating yourself of knowing you gave it your best and never knowing what you could have accomplished if you gave it everything instead of giving in. I am definitely not perfect when it comes to failing and giving in but you have to let that moment go, forgive yourself and move forward.

Every week has a Monday but if you keep starting over or looking towards the next Monday for a fresh start, something isn't right. When your interested in doing something, you do it only because it's convenient. When your committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results. If you want results you make a plan and stick to it. Yes, it will be hard at first but anything worth doing will take a little bit of effort but soon enough it will become routine and you will form new and better habits.

To help keep myself motivated, I love reading inspirational books and stories of others and what they've accomplished. I also like marking down my favorite quotes or words on post-it notes and placing them around my apartment as friendly reminders. It helps me focus and re-focus on my goals and what I want to accomplish. My goals are always a way for me to keep track of things I'm passionate about or are important to me. What is something you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2011? Sleep on it over the weekend. Anything is possible people.
Have an awesome weekend! T.G.I.F!
Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cupcakes, achy legs and a 6 pack....smells like competition

Only 10 more sleeps until I grace the stage at the Massey Theater in New Westminster I am getting pumped!
Today was an early morning, I was up for some cardio followed by some breakfast before my last leg workout with Fletch. I had told him I wanted a super hard leg workout because it would be my last one before my competition and it was exactly was I asked for. Tough. My body is running on 30g of oats in the morning and that with a lack of "real" food, pushing my body was really hard and I took a long time to finish what he had planned for us. It involved about 1000 squats with a 45 lb barbell, no jokes. My body usually takes a day or two to feel my workouts, but this one I could feel walking down the stairs after my workout. This isn't a good sign for the days to come.

My workouts are pretty intense and I think for people to really appreciate what I do or have an understanding of what it is like to put your body through hell, you can come train with me for a day. On Sunday, my boyfriend came to the gym with me to shoot some hoops while I did cardio and after we did a little arm workout together and I think that he has a really good understanding of what my life is like at the gym and how passionate I am about this competition. He is very supportive and gives me every opportunity I need to succeed and doesn't look at me crazy when I come over with my cooler full of food. If you do want to train with me, I am now a certified personal trainer and would be happy to help you achieve your goals and aspirations and promise to not be too hard :)

After my workout, I did a bunch of work errands and visited accounts and then my baking mood took over. I have been in this crazy baking mood for the past week and I don't think the marathons of cupcake wars helps much. Today I baked rainbow bit mini cupcakes with french vanilla icing. I didn't lick a finger or blender wand which is my personal favorite. After baking, I decided it was time to wash my lovely mane of hair. When I can't remember the last time I washed it, that is usually a sign that its time.

Today I was a little hot and bothered, maybe from the supplements I am taking right now to help boost my energy levels, but I trained in a sports bra today and I have a freakin 6-pack! Hollar. I am soooo excited about this that I intend on posting pictures of it when I am 7 days out. The reason for this is that I went through my old blog posts and had posted my progress last time. So stay tuned for that.

Last night I had a terrible sleep. I got up at 2 am thinking it was morning until I looked at my clock and realized it was still the middle of the night. It took forever for me to fall asleep and all these thoughts of everything going on in my life were going through my head and around 330, I eventually fell asleep. Tonight is date night so it will be nice to sit down and talk about everything that is going on (all good things) and just catch up with one another. It helps to talk about everything going on because then it's not in your head and you can make a game plan.

Anyways, you can probably tell from the most random blog post ever that my thoughts are all over the map. Hopefully, I'll make more sense tomorrow! Stay tuned for the single digit count down!!!!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic Out!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 Sleeps - Taking it one day at a time

As I finished yoga tonight, I sat there for awhile and looked up at my friend Christa and said, "11 sleeps." I couldn't believe how close I am to competing. This show will be my last and I am putting everything I have into these last few workout sessions.

Training has had it's ups and downs and being on the road most of August and September really didn't help my training but it did help push me to making use of everyday. Over the last month, I have pushed my body to extremes and followed my meal plan to make sure I was where I wanted to be and I am pleased to say that if I was to compete tomorrow, I would be happy so I can't image how I am going to feel in two weeks.

Last Friday I had a photo shoot with Pink Elephant photography that was put on by BodyByBrandt and it was a really fun experience. My friend Briana came down to the MODA hotel with me and helped picked out  my accessories to match different outfits I had bought. The photos from this shoot will be submitted into the HOT&FIT 100 contest that Inside Fitness Magazine is holding in their January issue. There are so many beautiful and fit or should I say hot and fit ladies in Canada that it would be such an honor to make the top 100. Either way, it was a great experience and I will have those photos forever.

For the shoot, I wanted a little color and I had originally planned on getting a spray tan but my old coach/friend Natalie advised me that two coats of ProTan would work just fine. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I got my mom to help apply the color to my back but two coats later and a shower in the morning, I had a nice sun kissed Hawaiian tan and I was feeling fab! As she was helping me become Snooki, I asked if she every imaged in her wildest dreams that she would be tanning her daughter.  It was like a scene out of Toddlers and Tiaras except I didn't get a sugar stick or a can of pop when I was done. #Disappointed!

Friday I was up early, because I had to shower my tan off, throw in my curlers and be in Coquitlam for makeup at 7:30 am....Jordan Ki is my makeup artist/ friend and is the most amazing makeup artist ever!!!

Did I mention I baked a cake on Sunday night?! A chocolate, chocolate fudge poptart cake with chocolate icing for my friends birthday?! It was tempting to lick my fingers but I kept running them under water every time I would get a little on them. The cake turned out fabulous and everyone that had it said it was delicious. Don't worry, I saved myself some in the freezer to eat in 2 weeks. Don't think I'd be missing out on that! I am in a real baking mood all the time it seems and it's weird because I can't eat any of the foods I'm baking. I just find it to be a soothing and time consuming activity.

Tomorrow night I am taking my man out for a little date night because he has been so great through this whole process. We met in the midst of all this craziness that is life as a competitor and he has been there for me 110%. I feel bad because I feel like everything has been about me and my training and I want it to be about us but I realize that sometimes that will happen and I just need to enjoy the now because it won't always be this way. In addition to having a supportive BF, my family and friends have also been super understanding about my training and everything that goes into this whole thing. My mom is always offering to go to Costco for me to pick up chicken and my dad helped motivated me in Hawaii to hit the gym to stay on track with my workouts and my sister is a great side kick to have around the day leading up and the day of comp because she is SO helpful and makes me feel really relaxed.

And my friends, well, I am so excited that I will have a big cheering section of friends at my morning show (9am - sorry :S) to support me. My family is coming to the evening show. Last time I competed I went back to the hotel in between the morning and evening show because I rented a hotel room but this time I am going to be start at the theater the entire day which will be different.

One of my main focuses right now is making sure that I practice posing without a mirror because on stage there no mirrors, just judges, people and a lot of lights.

Anyways, I have an ass kicking schedule for first time tomorrow morning and need to get some rest. Fletch is putting me through legs :S Last legs until the show!!!!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.