Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 Sleeps - Taking it one day at a time

As I finished yoga tonight, I sat there for awhile and looked up at my friend Christa and said, "11 sleeps." I couldn't believe how close I am to competing. This show will be my last and I am putting everything I have into these last few workout sessions.

Training has had it's ups and downs and being on the road most of August and September really didn't help my training but it did help push me to making use of everyday. Over the last month, I have pushed my body to extremes and followed my meal plan to make sure I was where I wanted to be and I am pleased to say that if I was to compete tomorrow, I would be happy so I can't image how I am going to feel in two weeks.

Last Friday I had a photo shoot with Pink Elephant photography that was put on by BodyByBrandt and it was a really fun experience. My friend Briana came down to the MODA hotel with me and helped picked out  my accessories to match different outfits I had bought. The photos from this shoot will be submitted into the HOT&FIT 100 contest that Inside Fitness Magazine is holding in their January issue. There are so many beautiful and fit or should I say hot and fit ladies in Canada that it would be such an honor to make the top 100. Either way, it was a great experience and I will have those photos forever.

For the shoot, I wanted a little color and I had originally planned on getting a spray tan but my old coach/friend Natalie advised me that two coats of ProTan would work just fine. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I got my mom to help apply the color to my back but two coats later and a shower in the morning, I had a nice sun kissed Hawaiian tan and I was feeling fab! As she was helping me become Snooki, I asked if she every imaged in her wildest dreams that she would be tanning her daughter.  It was like a scene out of Toddlers and Tiaras except I didn't get a sugar stick or a can of pop when I was done. #Disappointed!

Friday I was up early, because I had to shower my tan off, throw in my curlers and be in Coquitlam for makeup at 7:30 am....Jordan Ki is my makeup artist/ friend and is the most amazing makeup artist ever!!!

Did I mention I baked a cake on Sunday night?! A chocolate, chocolate fudge poptart cake with chocolate icing for my friends birthday?! It was tempting to lick my fingers but I kept running them under water every time I would get a little on them. The cake turned out fabulous and everyone that had it said it was delicious. Don't worry, I saved myself some in the freezer to eat in 2 weeks. Don't think I'd be missing out on that! I am in a real baking mood all the time it seems and it's weird because I can't eat any of the foods I'm baking. I just find it to be a soothing and time consuming activity.

Tomorrow night I am taking my man out for a little date night because he has been so great through this whole process. We met in the midst of all this craziness that is life as a competitor and he has been there for me 110%. I feel bad because I feel like everything has been about me and my training and I want it to be about us but I realize that sometimes that will happen and I just need to enjoy the now because it won't always be this way. In addition to having a supportive BF, my family and friends have also been super understanding about my training and everything that goes into this whole thing. My mom is always offering to go to Costco for me to pick up chicken and my dad helped motivated me in Hawaii to hit the gym to stay on track with my workouts and my sister is a great side kick to have around the day leading up and the day of comp because she is SO helpful and makes me feel really relaxed.

And my friends, well, I am so excited that I will have a big cheering section of friends at my morning show (9am - sorry :S) to support me. My family is coming to the evening show. Last time I competed I went back to the hotel in between the morning and evening show because I rented a hotel room but this time I am going to be start at the theater the entire day which will be different.

One of my main focuses right now is making sure that I practice posing without a mirror because on stage there no mirrors, just judges, people and a lot of lights.

Anyways, I have an ass kicking schedule for first time tomorrow morning and need to get some rest. Fletch is putting me through legs :S Last legs until the show!!!!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.



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