Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cupcakes, achy legs and a 6 pack....smells like competition

Only 10 more sleeps until I grace the stage at the Massey Theater in New Westminster I am getting pumped!
Today was an early morning, I was up for some cardio followed by some breakfast before my last leg workout with Fletch. I had told him I wanted a super hard leg workout because it would be my last one before my competition and it was exactly was I asked for. Tough. My body is running on 30g of oats in the morning and that with a lack of "real" food, pushing my body was really hard and I took a long time to finish what he had planned for us. It involved about 1000 squats with a 45 lb barbell, no jokes. My body usually takes a day or two to feel my workouts, but this one I could feel walking down the stairs after my workout. This isn't a good sign for the days to come.

My workouts are pretty intense and I think for people to really appreciate what I do or have an understanding of what it is like to put your body through hell, you can come train with me for a day. On Sunday, my boyfriend came to the gym with me to shoot some hoops while I did cardio and after we did a little arm workout together and I think that he has a really good understanding of what my life is like at the gym and how passionate I am about this competition. He is very supportive and gives me every opportunity I need to succeed and doesn't look at me crazy when I come over with my cooler full of food. If you do want to train with me, I am now a certified personal trainer and would be happy to help you achieve your goals and aspirations and promise to not be too hard :)

After my workout, I did a bunch of work errands and visited accounts and then my baking mood took over. I have been in this crazy baking mood for the past week and I don't think the marathons of cupcake wars helps much. Today I baked rainbow bit mini cupcakes with french vanilla icing. I didn't lick a finger or blender wand which is my personal favorite. After baking, I decided it was time to wash my lovely mane of hair. When I can't remember the last time I washed it, that is usually a sign that its time.

Today I was a little hot and bothered, maybe from the supplements I am taking right now to help boost my energy levels, but I trained in a sports bra today and I have a freakin 6-pack! Hollar. I am soooo excited about this that I intend on posting pictures of it when I am 7 days out. The reason for this is that I went through my old blog posts and had posted my progress last time. So stay tuned for that.

Last night I had a terrible sleep. I got up at 2 am thinking it was morning until I looked at my clock and realized it was still the middle of the night. It took forever for me to fall asleep and all these thoughts of everything going on in my life were going through my head and around 330, I eventually fell asleep. Tonight is date night so it will be nice to sit down and talk about everything that is going on (all good things) and just catch up with one another. It helps to talk about everything going on because then it's not in your head and you can make a game plan.

Anyways, you can probably tell from the most random blog post ever that my thoughts are all over the map. Hopefully, I'll make more sense tomorrow! Stay tuned for the single digit count down!!!!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic Out!


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