Thursday, November 10, 2011

My mouth is like the sahara dessert..

I got up this morning and did my last cardio session before the big day Saturday. Swiping in at the Oval was almost bitter sweet. It was the last time I would swipe in before I had officially do everything in my power training wise. The rest was up to my meal plan and making sure I had all my food prepped for the final few days. 

Today I planned to be busy all day to help distract myself from everything I couldn't eat or drink. It's pretty challenging to have to do an hour of cardio and only be able to drink 500 ML of water the ENTIRE DAY! Needless to say, my lips are chapped and I'm thirstier than a camel. Tomorrow will be worse, but I am going to do it with a smile on my face and enjoy every last drop of water that I do get. A whole 250 ML...I also had the brilliant idea of grocery shopping today for the party on Sunday, which was a terrible idea. After getting everything I needed, I decided to pay my lovely Dapper of a boyfriend a visit at the bank and to drop of a little present. He has been amazing throughout this whole process and I just wanted to show him how much everything he does helps me out. We went for a little stroll and got him some sushi and then it was back to business. It's funny that we've never eaten a "real" meal together so I am pretty excited to go out for dinner after the comp Saturday night with him so we can both chow down! Hollar for the yam fries.

After my little outing with Brett, I headed home to do my final, FINAL, food prep. I am looking forward to never eating chicken again, well at least for at least a month. I've been eating around 21 ounces of chicken a day and I need a good steak! The only other thing I wanted to do was to go back to the oval and spend some time in the studio so that I could run through my posing one last time and I am really happy that I forced myself to go. After wrapping up a bunch of loose ends around my place, it was time to site down. I had been on the go since 730 and I am exhausted. Tomorrow is all about my Snooki transformation and athletes meeting which I am so excited about. I can't wait to see all the competitors and really get in the zone. 

I know that Saturday will be here soon enough and I will try to keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook with updates, otherwise you will have to tune in on Monday morning to hear all about my journey as a Bikini Competitor with the BCABBA.

Have a great weekend everyone and Thank you for checking out my blog! Oh, and don't forget - tomorrow is Remembrance Day and it's important to take time to acknowledge it!

Nic out!

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