Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Man, you're easily amused...."

Today I got home from training to more, you guessed it, boxes! I love getting boxes. It’s like Christmas at my house every week. The first box was my shoes that I ordered for my competition! I was bouncing off the walls and my dad was standing there just staring at me totally rattled by my excitement over shoes and said with the straightest face, man you’re easily amused. Best line, ever. Followed by, you better be practicing you walk outside because those shoes will ruin the hardwood....oh Dad. I heart you!
The shoes weren’t even the best part! The other box was from Skechers and I opened it to find my new snazzy Shape-ups jackets! I will rocket them in K-loops this weekend and post pictures next week.
In addition to all the “presents” its super sunny today and I managed to get my butt out of bed for my morning cardio, went to the doctors to find out I don’t need to have nose surgery – dodged that bullet – pheff and had a great day of lifting weights. I did my heaviest lift to date, 135lbs! That’s more than I weight – oh yieeaaah baby!
I asked my trainer about my new cardio routine because I have been wiped lately and its only been two weeks and I was worried that I was losing muscle from doing such high level intervals. When you are doing intervals you are not just burning calories while you are working out, you continue to use energy and burn calories for hours and sometimes a few days after your workout. This means I might be burning all that muscle I’ve been working so hard to put on. This means I get to tone down my cardio intensity which might make it more enjoyable. With cross fit type workouts, which I will be doing a little more of in conjunction to my weights, you can end up burn energy for up to 3 days after the actually workout! Hence, that combined with too much cardio you body will need to use muscle to help heal the body = not good.
Today is my last day to get everything organized for Kamloops and I feel pretty good about everything. I am going to need to pack most of my food for the weekend which will be an easy task because I will only be gone for 3 days compared to 2 weeks. This means I will do food prep tonight. Yesterday I cooked twice because I didn’t have enough chicken and it isn’t good to be low on food because that is when you reach for something that’s handy and maybe not as healthy. I’m munching on a delicious lunch right now.....4 oz chicken (protein), 2 cups of veggies (carb) and 12 unsalted cashews (fat). Yummy! Oh and I can't forget my sweet water bottle that I heart! I drink 2 or 3 of them a day!

Food prep does take a lot of time and I’ll tell you all about that next time I do a big food prep!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. One more day until the weekend!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat!

Nicole OUT!

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