Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yo, nuts aren't protein! Nuts are FAT!

Is it weird that I like to go to bed early so that I can wake up and eat my favorite meal of the day? Breakfast is officially my favorite meal because oatmeal is the only "carb" that I am allowed to eat and boy do I take my time eating it. Savoring, every, last, bite....Love my oatmeal. Have I mentioned that coffee was cut out of my diet?! OMG! I loved having my morning latte and now, no caffeine. Caffeine can sometimes affect your metabolism and therefore I have to cut it out. As the weeks progress I will slowly be cutting out other
foods and things like sodium. I don't use any salt right now, but chicken contains sodium so when I get closer to competition I will be poaching my chicken to get rid of any sodium in the chicken breast. How delicious does that sound. Poached chicken...
As of now, all my meals do contain a fat, a protein and a carb. Carbs are anything such as peppers, spinach, and fruit (with edible skin such as an apple or pear). The only time I am allowed something like oatmeal is in the morning because my body burns it off throughout the day. A lot of people have the perception that nuts are protein so they will eat hand full after hand full of them thinking they are being healthy when nuts are actually the fat part of the meal. Yes, they do contain protein, but you would have to eat 2 - 3 cups of almonds to get the amount of protein you need from them. So next time have 8-12 almonds, walnuts or cashews and make sure they are unsalted. So the ideal meal would be a piece of chicken or a half can of tuna, a cut of pepper and some almonds. Make sense?
Balancing each meal can be hard because protein isn't easily accessible compared to things like carbs (aka, muffins) and other things you can get in the vending machine. This is where learning to properly pack a lunch is important. A lot of the time we think we are being super healthy by buying bulk trail mix and munching away on it during the day. But if you are sitting at a desk all day eating what could be around a cup of trail mix at a time, you would be surprise by the amount of fat and sugar, never mind the calories you consumed.
It just goes to show that everything in moderation is a very true statement.
Whether you’re hitting the gym or not, including a shake into your regime could be a really great way to get some extra protein. Make sure when you are buying protein to really read the label. You want one that is low in calories, low or no sugar, low in fat and around 15 - 20 g of protein. If you ask someone at GNC or a health food store like Whole Foods, they are usually very helpful. I love my Greens+ Vegan protein. I go through one a week, but I am having 3 - 4 shakes a day.
If you start to incorporate a shake into your daily routine, remember that it’s your protein part of the meal and you should still have some fat and carbs. A really easy way to get both is by having 2 hardboiled eggs or 1 TBSP of nut butter. This will make your meal complete. And lots of people hate the smell of HB eggs at the office so who doesn’t love a spoon full of peanut butter?!
I also got to meet with Caitlin yesterday to see the rest of my photos from the shoot last week and they turned out so good! It was worth braving the cold. The next shoot I won’t look so much like a vampire because it will be in June after my May competition.

This weekend I am going up to Kamloops for a Femsport competition with Skechers. I will have lots of photos from the event. Skechers is sponsoring a bunch of athletes so it should be a blast. If you are up in Kamloops come swing by and say hi!  I’ll be under the giant Skechers tent. The event is a fitness competition for women that include tire flips, box jumps and much more! There are over 80 women competing and I am really excited because it will be great motivation to see other women training hard and competing. Good luck to Jessica and Maria who are on the Skechers team! You go girls!

I’ve got lots on the agenda today for work so I will be back tomorrow! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Eat. Train. Sleep. REPEAT!


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