Friday, April 22, 2011

"Oh, now I can feel it in the bum" *Rated R*

One of those awkward moments we laugh about later happened to me yesterday. Well it actually wasn't that bad because I realized in that moment how confident I felt in my own skin. Nothing really seems to bothers me anymore because I choose to ignore what other people think about me and it's quite empowering.

Here's what happened. Yesterday David and I had finished an awesome circuit session that involved skipping, mountain climbers, ball squats, sit ups and push ups and we were stretching. I had mentioned that my hamstrings and glute muscles were still tight from my workout on Tuesday. Sometimes its hard to feel the glute stretch when someone else is assisting. I was lying down on the mat and David was using his body weight to stretch my hams. Then he started stretching my glutes except I could only fee it in my hip flexors. After a few adjustments and as we were practically face to face...I blurt out, "oh, now I feel it in the bum."  Obviously this is the best picture I could find....

It was awkward for two seconds before until we both burst into hysterics. It was one of those 'thats what she said' moments.Anyways, the moral of the story is to not talk while stretching...we both had a good laugh and that was that. He has a great sense of humor and puts up with all my crazy talk. When I was in my last set of ball squats I was mocking aerobic exercises to distract myself and might have thrown in a few jazz fingers. HE must think I'm nuts..

Besides the awkward moment it was a great day of circuit training and cardio. Last night I met Briana at the Oval for my cardio session. It was nice to have some company, even though we were both going at a pretty fast pace that it made it difficult to talk. It was more fun with somebody that by myself. Thanks Bri Bri!

I've gotten in a habit of thinking about things in numbers and its hard to believe that I only have 20 weight sessions left and 35+ hours of cardio left before I hit the stage! I am feeling good today and ready for a low key Easter weekend. My parents are going away so there won't be any big Easter festivities going on at my house that I will have to be tempted by and I have the kitchen to myself to do some mad food prep. The weather is also suppose to be nice which is awesome if I want to go for a ride or run outside. What I am not excited about is the Canucks losing to the Chicago....I am still on the wagon and not going anywhere. We will just get them in their home town!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Stay tuned for my week 5 photos on Monday!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic OUT!

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