Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

This week has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I feel like I have won the lottery on life and explaining why or how I feel is really hard but maybe you can relate to an amazing week that you've had where you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Ever since Sunday afternoon when I received the email saying I passed the written portion of my personal training exam things have just stayed up on the moon. I think a lot of it has to do with my attitude. When you have a positive attitude and you exert that you will benefit in return.

After a very bad few days of binge eating I put it all to a stop after I bought out the meat section at SaveOnFoods. The next time I compete I will be prepared with food options for when I come home because that was my down fall.  No being prepared and not drinking water. Drinking water is sooooo important. Get a handle on your water intake by buying a water bottle with a handle. This makes it easier to carry around and you will actually drink more because of it which will probably reduce any food cravings you do have. Most of the time we aren't actually hungry but thirsty. If you are hungry though, eat.
Last night was probably the best night ever! My cousin Crystal messaged me in the early afternoon asking me what I was doing for the game and I said I was just planning on watching it. She then responded with, "Do you want to go?" Hmmm, let me just think about that for a minute....YES!!!!!!!!!! It still feels like a dream though. Did that really happen. Did I really go to a Stanley Cup Playoff game. It was the most amazing experience of my life. The atmosphere outside and inside GM Place (Rogers Arena...I dislike this) was like the Olympics all over again.

Only 16 sleeps until Toronto and I decided that I am going to compete in the Oxygen Model Search and the Muscle Mag Bikini Search. It was frustrating competing this weekend because everyone backstage kept saying I should have been in the bikini category which makes me want to go to the WBFF competition in Calgary in July. My brain is turning on this idea....Its hard to know what the judges are looking for because girls could do two categories. This means that someone doing Figure (bodybuilding = major shredded) could cross over and compete in Fitness Category (athletic build) and my body isn't figure. I realize that Saturday was a learning experience and now that I know, I am getting an ich to compete...again to see how I do in the bikini category.

The only thing that is holding me back is that I will be in LA for a week with work and plan on enjoying the experience. The last two times I've been down, I couldn't drink or enjoy all the goodies, trained in the morning and evening and pre-packed a lot of my food because I was "in training."  I shouldn't make it sound that bad because it's my choice. It also makes me realize that I don't want to compete because I want to be able to eat whatever I want. This just goes to show how much of our daily routine is based around eating. Just stop for a  minute and think about how much your socializing involves going out and drinking. Scary right. Maybe the next time you have a girls night, have a potluck at someones house or do to a comedy club and have appy's or an activity like basketball or squash.  I just want to be able to eat whatever one else is eating even though I know a lot of that stuff isn't good for me. I feel like I am in a good place and technically it is a new point A. Just because I took a few days off doesn't mean my body has gone back to the stage it was in back in January, it just means it was were I left it on Saturday. Today I was back in the gym early and it felt really good.

It has also been really nice to be able to just enjoy time with my family and friends the last few days and being able to not be 100% all the time to everyone. Now that I know what to expect for this competition, I know what I need to do for myself to get the job done. Its go time, again :)

Here's to the good life and the next 16 days. Toronto here I come! Thanks again to everyone for all your kind words. It definitely kept me going and I appreciate it a lot. 

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.



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