Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You want me to wax my what?!

Well, I have 9 days until Toronto and now that I have one competition under my belt I feel like I can prepare better. It's all a learning experience and nothing is going to be perfect right away. I learned in hindsight and will continue learning and improving. After the Vancouver show I rebounded really hard and that was the biggest learning experience for me.

After Toronto I am going to take it easy and drink a lot of water instead of binging on food because once you start, its really hard to stop. My mind needs to be in this because this was my originally goal and I feel that I was super disciplined for the Vancouver show so much that I would eat a single almond out of my food plan and this time I find myself having a strawberry here and a little bite of banana there but I should have my head in this 110% right?!

My weight is good and I'd like to lean up a little more and put on a few more pounds of muscle which won't happen in a week but over time I think that's where I'd like to be. I only have a few cardio sessions left and 5 weight days before I leave early next Thursday. The difference this time is that I am flying to the show instead of it being local. Thank goodness Natalie will be there will me for support. Last time I had Christa which was awesome but all the girls are really great back stage so the make it fun.

I met with Natalie last week and she reached over and tapped my arm and said "were going to shave this for Toronto." I looked at with a confused look and replied with, "no way." As we went back and forth several times she was shocked at my resistance to shaving my arm hair. I don't know why I'm so apposed to it but I did give in and made an appointment with Dina, the only person I would remotely trust to do this. My other notion was where do you stop? Do I wax the whole are or the partial arm? The reason behind doing this is to showcase your veins and muscles more when you are on stage. Natalie did it for the first time in Louisiana and said it will grow back. This is what I am afraid of. That and rubbing up against someone with my stubbly arms. In the name of fitness I am going to do it!

Yesterday David and I did a super hard crossfit style leg workout and I am struggling with life today. I had to spin on the bike for 10 minutes this morning before I even started my cardio to loosen them up. It is my fault because I was the one that told him to kill my legs. I've planned one more leg workout for next Monday so that I can still walk come competition time.

Speaking of competitions.....I think I am going to compete in Calgary on July 2nd in the bikini category. Now that I know how the competition works I think I want to do it. What's there stopping me? For the bikini category you do a swimswear round and evening wear which means I would need to get a dress which is easy enough. For the Toronto show I have entered the Oxygen model search where I plan on wearing a "fitness outfit" like you'd see on the girls in Oxygen and the Muscle Mag model search where I will wear a bikini. I thought I might as well do both while I am there.

Lots going on and I am so excited to compete and for the competitions to wrap up so that I can focus on finishing my personal training certification so that I can start training people early August! Woot woot!
Anyways, I know I haven't written in awhile but I am feeling okay at this point about next week. Waterloading and exfoliation starts Sunday! Holler.

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat. Toronto here we come!

xo Nic

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