Monday, July 4, 2011

Cutback the cardio....yippie!

Since I am beginning training again I am trying to adjust my meal plan, cardio and weight sessions as I am currently 18 weeks out.  For the last month and half I have been doing 2, 45 minute sessions a day and I was glad to hear that I am only needing to do 4, 30 minute sessions for now! I don't even have to do that. I can ride my bike for a few hours or go roller blading. My cardio is flexible and up to me. As for weights, I just have to maintain lifting and as I get closer I'll start to adjust my plan.

The reason for cutting my cardio is so that when I do get closer my body will react and I will lean out quick and as for now I just want to maintain and stay under 130 lbs.  I was so happy to hear that my cardio was cut back because doing 2, 45 minutes a day can becoming a daunting task, especially in the middle of summer.

I have so much to do this week before I leave for Calgary next week to head to the Stampede. If you live in Calgary come visit me at the Skechers booth and say hi! I'll be pre-cooking a bunch of protein because I want to be able to pack a cooler during the day because Linds and I will be working form 10 am until 11 pm everyday so being able to have some healthy food will be good. In addition to pre-cooking food for next week, I will be away the following week in the Interior and then on the Island for work. This will be a huge test to my preparation and ability to be organized and self motivated to eat well and train. Besides cooking, I have to book hotels, rental cars, get my car air cared and renew my insurance, order shoes for certain athletes, visit accounts and the list gets longer....

I'll be keeping you all up to date on all the goodies, as for now I can hardy walk from my Crossfit workout on Saturday. Who knew you could cause your own body soooooo much pain! My legs are so sore that they've buckled a few times like Bambie....embarrassing. Needless too say, my trainer and I will not be training legs tomorrow. We are doing an intense back workout in the morning and then its off to the Show Room to finish sorting shoes with Kelly and April. Fun times :)

Have a great sleep everyone, I'm off to bed.

Eat. Train. Sleep. Have Fun and Repeat!

Nic Out!

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