Friday, July 8, 2011

Wear cotton underwear...

I went for a walk with my friend, who wants to remain anonymous so we will call her Ali-M, around UBC for a few hours the other night and she has recently started working out with a trainer.
The conversation started going sideways when we started talking about a friend of hers who doesn’t wear underwear when she works out. My face was in complete horror as I heard this and I was trying to remember how we got into this conversation in the first place. It started about 20 blocks prior when we were discussing underwear lines and how I loathe them. If you are wearing tight pants – wear a thong...just saying. Anyways as we got to talking about underwear lines this friend of hers had come up and the fact that she doesn't wear underwear when she works out.
Ali-M and I continued to talk about this and I explain to her why you should wear cotton underwear when you work out, men or women, so that your “assets” can breathe.  The conversation was pretty lengthy and I think we talked about this subject for a few km’s so I’ll give you the “coles notes” version. It may sound ridiculous, but it is very important and something people don’t talk about. If you read my blog, you know I am an open book so I’ll bring it up. Wear cotton underwear!
If you don’t let those areas breath and while working out get super sweaty image the amount of bacteria (gross) that is chillin’ there. It gets worse. If this bacteria decides to have a party it can lead to...guys plug your ears – yeast infections. Lots of women get them and working out could be one of the causes.  Luckily for me I am NOT one to those people who frequently get them but will admit to having ONE in my lifetime and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever and of course I’m going to divulge all the details because I want to explain what happened so you don’t think I’m just unhygienic.
A few years ago, I had gone with a cycling group for a very long ride (4 hours) at a very intense pace and had sweat a lot during the ride. After my ride I was starving so I made dinner and eat while I was still wearing my bike shorts.  The rest is pretty self explanatory. The moral of the story, a) wear cotton underwear and b) shower right away no matter how hungry you are. Another great option is to keep baby wipes in your gym bag and guys don’t think I’m not directing this at you too. I’ve seen some sweaty ass guys in the gym and hope your wearing some loose briefs under those gym shorts of applies to you too. I just don’t know what the guys version of a yeast infection is.
SIDE NOTE: Yeast has to be one of the grosses words ever. And the worst part is there is a food product that shares the same as this issue. GROSS.
Ali-M I hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as you enjoyed talking about it.
Anyways on to other tops of interest...[AWKWARD] I have my first photo shoot coming up so I am going to be increasing my cardio over the next few weeks to prep for that but I want to be lean for the shoot and not super muscley so that will be okay. Most of it (90 %) will be my diet or  “meal plan” over the next little while so I will need to be prepared for that. This means I'll be spending the day Sunday prepping food, mainly protein like egg whites and chicken, for me to take to Calgary. This will help me stay on track and have easy access to protein. I plan on taking a cooler for when I am at the Stampede all day as I am sure there will be lots of temptations. If you’re around make sure to come and say hi to me at the Skechers booth. Not too sure where I am situated just yet but I will keep you all posted. I went shopping yesterday with one of my besties and I bought some cow gear to get prepped for my trip. I already owe boots and several hats and couldn’t be more excited that I get to go to the Stampede for work! Love it.
With regards to my food over the next little while I am not worried about it all. I feel very confident that I have the tools and ability to prep and eat well and get the nutrition my body needs to be healthy and eat clean.
Speaking of eating clean, how many of you checked out your fridges? Post some comments about how your fridge stood up to my test. Eating clean can also be hard when you eat out but last night Nat and I had dinner on the patio at the Keg and I had a Top Sirloin medium-rare, so good and a spinach salad sans fromage and you guessed it, the dressing on the side to start and no dessert.
With the shoot coming up managing my food will be the most important thing leading up to it.  Now that I am getting back on track and eating clean my stomach is starting to feel a lot better which is great because I have a very sensitive stomach. My stomach as been tested for everything, allergies, celiac, chrones and IBS, but nothing seems to be the issues. While I was on the meal plan and eating clean I found my stomach didn’t or hardly had any problem which is another reason I like eating clean.
Over the next few months of eating clean I will also be wrapping up my PT certification so let me know if you want to train with me. It will be great practice for me and a good workout for might thank me later depending on how sore you are...
Anyways, I’m off to work. I did a little cardio and back workout this morning and wanted to fill you in on all the benefits of cotton underwear J
Have a great day. Yours in health and fitness,


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