Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1 down - 89 to go.

Yesterday was day 1 of my new training and nutrition program and on Sunday night I went to Costco with my friend and dropped 2 bills on all my food for the next couple of weeks. Not all the food in the picture is mine as we had to pay for it together. FYI.

Anyways, I feel like I'm off to a good start, even though I know it's only day one, I feel organized and prepared. I went to the Oval yesterday and did a good shoulder/chest/back and glute workout and today was a cardio day. My training program this time includes more High Intensity Training and less cardio overall. I am going with the flow this time and plan on sticking to one plan and ask for help when I need it. This will help keep me level headed and eliminate any stress because I know what to expect this time which is what I found had during my last prep as I am a planner and didn't know how my body was going to change.

The main goal set by my trainer for the entire group over the next 8 weeks is to burn fat. That will come from high intensity type training and changes to my meal plan. The last time I was prepping, my meal plan included a lot more fats but now I'm incorporating more carbs. No, I don't mean bread carbs I mean unprocessed carbs like veggies. One of my main goals for this round of competitions is to put on more muscle.

Muscle is another great way to burn calories. Women (and men) who want to "loose" weight and be "skinny" tend to become cardio junkies because its the only way they think they know how to achieve this. Killing yourself for hours on a cardio machine in conjunction with not eating the proper amount of foods won't help you obtain such a goal. In fact, it might do the opposite and cause to you hold more weight but by lifting more weights and training your larger muscles groups will help you burn more calories and increase your metabolism. Weights just have a bad rap because people assume your going to get bulky by lifting weights which isn't true. So try balancing your time at the gym between the weight rack and the conveyor belt and eat a little more. You might be surprised at the results.

Over the last few weeks my parents have been on this huge health kick which is turning into a lifestyle which I am so happy about. Yesterday, my dad and I were talking about how he was feeling about everything. I even caught him on the elliptical first thing yesterday morning when I got home from the gym and he was doing two cardio sessions because my mom and him also had spin class night. He is turning in to an addict. The reason he is doing so much cardio is because he had been a little discouraged that the numbers on the scale weren't dropping as much as he'd like but I asked him how his clothes were fitting. He looked at me and said they were getting looser which I could tell got him to thinking that maybe he was making progress.

I use to be obsessed with weighing myself so I can understand where he is coming from but when you spend all that time weighing yourself or constantly talking about being fat or overweight it takes away from the success or progress you are making. If your clothes are getting bigger that's a sign that you are getting smaller so celebrate the little things and not the numbers. Mark my words that my dad will most likely take up marathons next year. I can see he and my whole house is becoming passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Which makes me one happy camper.

What are you training Tuesday? Have a great day.


Nic out!

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