Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Problem Solved! No more snooze.

Beep, beep, beep – its 5:30 am and my alarm is reminding me that its time to get up and get my butt to the gym. It took my until my second alarm at 5:35 for my feet to hit the ground. In those five minutes I went back and forth contemplating the fact that I was getting up at the crack of dawn so that I could get in a solid workout before I had to get to the show. My eyes kept closing and I kept running different scenarios through my head that I could always do my weights later, or do cardio today and weights tomorrow, that I could skip going to World Gym and modify my workout for the little gym in my in my hotel. All these thoughts and finally my feet hit the ground and I started making my protein shake and getting dressed.
A little behind schedule, I arrived at the gym with my iPod, water bottle but no training program. I had left my printed copy at home but luckily I had my iPhone which had my workout program in an email from Leigh. I warmed up and decided I wanted to start with a set of deadlifts and then I would continue with my actual program. I haven’t lifted anything super heavy in awhile and it felt amazing! As the sun started coming up I made my way through my program and as I was cooling down started feeling really good. I was pumped! After struggling with getting out of bed, driving to the gym and contemplating training, I did it! I think I just broke my training slump and I’m back into my groove. AMEN!
As I was driving back to the hotel, the sun was shining, I had the tunes blaring and this huge high. Its amazing how good I felt at that moment and I need to remember that feel when I feel like I'm straying off track. I felt a sense of accomplishment and defeat against myself and the doubt that I couldn’t or didn’t want to get out of my super comfy king size bed to train. In the end, it was exactly was I needed. Yes, I could have slept in but I would have been thinking about not going the whole day and probably would have gotten frustrated if I hadn’t gone.
I think everyone can relate with me on this one. We’d rather sleep in and hit snooze, watch TV or go out with friends than workout sometime. The truth is there are more than enough hours in a day to get up early to go for a run, use lunch time to get out and walk or skip your favorite show during dinner and go to the gym. You have the time, its just how you decide to use it that counts.
For example, a friend of mine is leaving for Vegas and I put a small training and food program together for her to help her look her best. From my perspective it has nothing to do with the actual appearance but how you feel about committing to something and following through and how you feel on the inside. Once you get that feeling on the inside it will definitely reflect in the mirror.
She struggles with time because of a busy schedule and one night when I was leaving her place I asked if she was training the next day and she said she didn't have time at lunch because she was getting her hair done. I looked at her and said do you want to look great for Vegas? She responded with a nod and I said well get up early take your work clothes to the gym, workout and get ready there. She called me the next day and said she’d gone to the gym and was so happy I’d pushed her to do it and was pumped.
Think about how you feel and what you can accomplish and what you have time for. It can be something as simple as walking for 30 minutes at lunch 3 times a week.  I promise you that even though you might not have results the next day in the mirror, you will have an big smile on your face with the satisfaction of knowing how much you can do when you put your mind to something.
Let the training begin because now that I got up at the crack of dawn, I’m not putting anything in my body that shouldn’t be. It would be a waste and I’m not the only one getting up at 5:30 am to train because I’m not the only one who wants it. There are other people, other athletes, other competitors that want it just as much as I do so I have to prove it to myself that today, I want it just as bad as they do.
It’s workout Wednesday people. What are you training?! Have a great day.
Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.
Nic Out! xoxo

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