Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho-Ho-Holiday Fit-Tip No 11 - Say No.

If you are a people pleaser like myself, no isn't easy. At this time of the year we are pulled in a million different directions and we tend to put ourselves last. I have been trying to give you tips to help you survive the holiday season while sticking to your convictions of living healthy.

This brings me to Fit-Tip No 11 - Just say No. This may seem like a very simple concept but that's the point. Say yes only when you have time. This will help you stay sane and prevent you from feeling guilty by over-promising. It's okay not to be a superhero and your friends won't mind if you politely decline their dinner party.

Your happiness can only be controlled by one person. We all have goals and if staying fit is your goal then commit to it year round! Don't let other people pull you away from your goals. Saying no isn't easy but it sure makes our lives a lot easier in the long run. Commit to events when you have time and you will find yourself a lot happier and enjoying the holiday's even more.

Ho-ho-Helping you say NO!


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