Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ho-Ho-Holiday Fit-Tip No. 5 - Eat before you eat.

Yes followers that is correct. I am telling you to eat before you eat. Of course we want to enjoy ourselves over the holiday's but is enjoyment really rolling around on the floor complaining about how full you are?

To help this prevent this family embarrassment that will end up on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter I offer you Fit-Tip No. 5 - Eat before you eat.

If you know you have a Christmas function to attend, don't go on an empty stomach. If you are going straight from work, have a bar or a piece of fruit stashed in your car or purse for later. If you are going home before the party have a plate of veggies (already prepped in the fridge so there are no excuses) and a few glasses of water before you go. Even have a glass of juice with Metamucil or Fibrelean (fibre fills ours stomachs and causes us to feel full).

Going to a dinner party on a full stomach will help you from over eating. If you go with a full stomach you won't feel the need to eat whatever is on the table. You will feel good because you have stuck to your plan and given your food time to digest. By eating before you go, your brain will get the message that your full and you won't feel the urge to overeat.

I know that a lot of people decide to give up this time of year but that is the wrong idea. Picture who you want to be. After all, it is just food.

Ho-ho-helping you stay full...of tips!


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