Friday, December 7, 2012

Ho-Ho-Holiday Fit-Tip No. 7 - Portion Sizes

December is flying by and with all these healthy tips it has been weird not writing my usual articles. I hope you are all enjoying my tips and finding them helpful.
Today my eating was all over the place. I had breakfast super early, interviewed, traveled back to Victoria, had a meeting and after a long day I am finally home. The first thing any normal person would want to do is eat a bunch of food. This brings me to my Fit-Tip No. 7 - Portion Sizes.

For this tip I want you to make a fist with your hand. Well, that is the size of your stomach. Keep this in mind when you are heading back for seconds and before you dive into dessert. Just because there is food all around us because of this time of year doesn't mean we should eat it. Be mindful when you are eating and take it easy on your stomach! You won't offend anyone if you don't go for seconds and you'll probably feel a lot better. Fill your plate with veggies and if you having having dessert, skip the potatoes or only take one small spoonful. Everything in moderation.

Ho-ho-helping you from over-eating!



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