Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Juice - Day 3

Wednesday was the third day of my juice cleanse with The Juice Box and I haven't had an crazy cravings and only made it through 5 juices yesterday. It's amazing how clean my system feels and I think my skin is even looking a little clearer.

The hardest part of the day was getting in my car2go at the end of the day which smelt like someone had stashed fast food burgers under the seat. I felt like I was driving inside of a McDonald's french fry container. Even with the smell, I wasn't craving anything except my Heartbeet juice!

The juicing has been easy because I haven't had any social commitments this week which is where going out for dinner wouldn't necessarily be so feasible. I've also been sick this week but I actually think the juices have probably helped because they are really nutrient dense.  But because I've been sick, I also haven't been working out because I've been trying to rest which for me is a test to sitting still. Something I don't do well...

Tomorrow is the last last day of my cleanse and I am starting to prepare some food ideas for my post cleanse day on Friday. They recommend having some fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some veggies for dinner.  To me that sounds manageable. I might even whip some soup up in my Vitamix. A carrot ginger soup perhaps.

A typical juice cleanse is 3 - 5 days so don't ask my why I picked 4 days. I think when I had originally signed up I thought I wouldn't get my juices until Monday. So my plan was to do the juices Tuesday to Friday. That was my bad. I do still have a few juices left so I will incorporate those into my day on Friday and then call to organize a pick up of all my cute little juice bottles.

I can't wait to complete my last day tomorrow but the experience so far has been really good!

Eat. Juice. Smile. Sleep.


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