Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I just want a freakin' piece...of pie!

Sunday we had a birthday party for my dad. It consisted of go carting, which was so much fun, and then we had everyone back to the house for dinner and cake. My plan was to make a plate of food that consisted of things I could eat and then add my regular 5 oz piece of chicken. This lasted about 5 minutes.
It all started with a few strawberries and the next thing I knew, I'd eaten the entire fruit platter. (Sad face) I felt like a closet binge eater who couldn't stop. It gets worse......I somehow ended up cutting the cake and I kept scrapping the extra icing off the knife with my finger. I’d stare at it contemplating the damage of licking my finger versus wiping it on the edge of the plate. At this point I was so proud of myself for being able to resist temptation until I sat next to my cousin who had only take one bite of her piece. What happened next is so shameful but I took a little piece of corner icing off the top of her cake and the next thing I knew I have scraped all the icing off the top of it. I was done.
So many emotions were going through my body but disappointment was the greatest. Even though I was stuffed and consumed more food than I had intended, I continued to walk past the replenished fruit platter taking a piece of melon or a strawberry until I had eaten most of that platter too. At this point I felt like it was thanksgiving all over again and wanted someone to pass me the Pepto.
I'm not sure if that pit in my stomach was guilt or the signs of a really bad food hangover, but I'm going to go with guilt. I overdosed on fruit and icing and feel so disappointed in myself. I thought I had things under control but obviously this is a good lesson to learn and one I will continue to practice.
New goal and/ piece of advice in managing eating out or at pot luck style dinners:
1. Drink lots of water. If you are going to have a drink make sure that you have 2 full glasses of water for every "beverage" you have. Stay away from sugary mixed drinks and shots and stick to wine and dark beer (lower in cals and has anti-oxidents).
2. Make yourself one plate as soon as you arrive. Divide the plate in half and fill one half with salad. Then divide the other half in two. Fill half with protein such as meat or chicken and the remainder should be veggies.
3. Don't go back to the table. Yes, I need to walk the talk, but now that I know what I need to do I want to pass that knowledge onto you.
4. Yes, you can have some treats.
5. Take a small plate and have one square, small piece of cake or pie and fill the rest with fruit.
6. After this, stick to water.
7. Don't eat any more after you've had your two plates. It takes a lot of willpower, but I know you can do it.
I failed once, but I won't fail twice.

I know I will have a lot more situations like this and I will keep you posted on how it goes. Stay strong!

Today I attempted to do weights and cardio at the gym and it was a super hard day. I struggled a little and should have done weights in the am and cardio in the pm. From now on I'm breaking it up so that I can kick my butt 100%. So to reward myself I went to the Lululemon outlet and got myself a great top and pair of pants. It's weird how a little treat can get me ready for my workout tomorrow.

So here's to kicking but and being back on track 100%.

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.


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