Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's [suppose to be] "go time."

As of Saturday, I was suppose to be kicking it into high gear aka "go time," and with everything that’s been going on the last two days it’s really hard to be sitting still and not training. I’m focusing on minimalizing any injuries that might have occurred that I can't see or feel yet. My knee has a huge bruise from where I hit it and my back and neck are still tight and a little sore. I really want to get back and hit the gym hard and take advantage of every moment I have to train.
That thought is what makes me think it’s the reason for why this happened. Was it for me to really go through all the emotions and appreciate the fact that I am able to train with a great trainer, have a top coach/mentor and a great support system?
Training was becoming like a chore, in the sense that I planned my day around it. Even though I really enjoy training, now I will not take it for granted and appreciate every moment that I am able to spend on the treadmill or stairmaster instead of thinking only 15 more minutes. I will appreciate everytime I lift a heavier weight during my workouts with David and leave every last drop of sweat at the gym.
I promise I will give 100% and "want" to train. I don't "have" to train.
I sometimes catch myself saying to someone, well I have to do cardio tonight. I am choosing to do this competition as a personal goal and those are the things required for me to achieve them. I am choosing a daily meal plan that restricts everything processed and "good" for chicken, egg whites, nuts and veggies. Literally that’s all I am eating at the moment.
Maybe an accident wasn't the best wake up call for me to have this realization, but it did help put a lot into perspective. Even though I have chosen to make my priority to compete in these upcoming competitions doesn't mean I should lose sight of everything else that is important to me.
I am learning so much through this process about myself, balance and life that it's making me a stronger person. I am learning when I need to rest and that I can't be the energizier bunny all the time. It's okay to sit down and relax once in awhile.
Today I got up early and sent my pictures into Natalie. I was nervous because I had been retaining a lot of water but she said they looked good which makes me happy because I am on the right track. This doesn't mean I can slack off. I need to continuously be improving each week. Leaning up and putting on more muscle tone. Another piece of news I got today that is Nat's bf is going to Europe for a week so I told her I am packing my bags and moving in with her for 7 days. It will be an intense week of training, eating clean and working (of course).

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and checked on me over the last few days!
Hope to have some better stuff for you over the next few days.

Eat. (Recover). Sleep. Repeat. My new motto for today!


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