Sunday, April 17, 2011

*Warning, this article contains a little venting....

I usually like blogging when I am feeling great about everything and I try to remain positive throughout this process because I really have nothing to complain about. Today, for some reason, is a different story. It might have something to do with the fact that I haven't been sleeping well since last week and I have no clue as to why and its frustrating. I also noticed that I can be quite snippy if I’m hungry (sorry in advance) and since I would still like to have friends at the end of the next 6 weeks I figure that me venting about all this crap aka. emotions on a Sunday would be appropriate. My reasoning, that most people aren't on their computers early Sunday morning. If you are, sorry :(

I haven't been in a "bad" mood at all and I feel a little better already just talking....writing about it. The day will get better and I am already looking forward to meeting up with Natalie but getting up this morning was where it all began. I woke up to my alarm at 6:55 so that I could make breakfast and I didn't want to eat. What is wrong with me?! I love breakfast so much! Ask my sister and she will back me up on that. My breakfast is da bomb because I get to eat a pancake (made with oatmeal, egg whites and protein poweder) with nut butter. It really doesn't get much better than that throughout the day considering my meal plan consists of veggies and chicken. That’s basically it. Oh, and water.

As of yesterday, I am 6 weeks out from the WBFF competition here at the end of May. Holy Snikies! This means my meal plan is going to change again and so it my cardio. Nat and I had dinner (she made us chicken fingers and yam fries! Yum) and I asked what my cardio plan would look like and in the straightest face said “probably 60 minutes *long pause* 7 days a week.” Yes, that is everyday…so if you want to meet me at the oval for 60 minutes of cardio in the 6 am – come!

Today Natalie and I are hitting up Steve Nash downtown (thanks to the amazing Groupon last week - $29 for a month pass) and doing CPP. No, not taxes, but cardio, posing and pictures and as promised I will post my 6 week pictures tonight. So nervous about this, but most of you have already seen me in a swimsuit anyways.

Sorry for the vent session but I do feel much better now. How could I not?! The weather is nice out and I am healthy and getting pumped for the next 6 weeks. As my dad always says “you are the only one who can decide if you are going to be in a good mood or a bad mood when you get up in the morning.” So here’s to being super corny, but I CHOOSE to be in a good mood today! Holler that.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for hearing me out! I might need a few more vent sessions but I promise I will keep it to food and other things J

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic OUT!

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