Friday, April 15, 2011

Wanted: Makeup artist.

Today David and I did a great metabolic workout and as always he kicked my butt. I will be feeling it tomorrow. My plan was to only train weights today but after my expresso I am feeling strong and plan on heading out to the Oval to do an afternoon cardio session. This way I can focus on my weights workout tomorrow.

Its lunch time right now and I made a delicious plate of chicken, broccolini and walnuts (12 to be exact - they are not protein remember, they are FAT!)...YUMMY! Whats better than today's lunch was last nights dinner. Natalie and I went to Azia (BEST JAPANESE food and service) downtown for dinner last night. It was soooooooo good! Holler at Azia! And no, I didn't take a picture - I actually forgot. Shocking, I know.

This weekend is going to be fun and relaxing and I am really excited for Sunday. Natalie and I are practicing posing at Steve Nash and we will also be taking pictures. Since I am 6 weeks out... I will start posting them so you can all see and follow my progression from now until the contest. Don't forget to get your tickets if you have time to come out to the River Rock May 28th to support! Hehehe....I did graduate with a marketing diploma...

Today I went in for my hair consult and I can hardy wait until May 17th to get my hair done. Its time to be a blonde again! Woot woot! Other exciting appointments coming up include teeth polishing and a retainer fitting because my teeth have moved and one tooth looks so much bigger than the other. If anyone is interested to do stage makeup, please message me as I haven't booked anyone yet! Thank you in advance!

A question I've been getting asked a lot is if I'm nervous about being on stage and to be honest that aspect hadn't even crossed my mind. I am so focused in the now and the day to day duties of training, eating well and working that I haven't even thought that far down the road. I could tell you what I'll be eating a week from now but couldn't tell you how I'll be feeling. I know if I have any nerves they will be anxious and excited nerves. I wouldn't want nerves to overtake all my hard work and time I've invested over the past 19 weeks. My plan is to be confident, focused and rock it! Nothing is coming in between me and all my hard work.

Need a little bit of motivation or have a question, feel free to message me on FB or leave me a comment!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat!


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