Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My suits are here, my suits are here!!!!

I was so pumped last night after my cardio session and as I was leaving the gym thought, "yes! I am back" but that thought came to an abrupt halt this morning as I struggled to get to the gym. My alarm went off at 5:55 with hopes that I would be at the gym by 6:15 and home by 7:30 to have breakfast. This would give me enough time to rest in between my weights session at 9. I got up, dressed and set to go out the door and decided that maybe I should just run outside since it's so nice. I got organized to run outside and as I started walking down my street I changed my mind again because of my knee that’s been bugging me and decided it would be best to go to the gym. It is now 6:30...
I finally got in my car, after debating just going back to bed and doing my cardio later, and made it to the oval and did 30 minutes and was home by 7:40 and started making my pancakes. Then I started contemplating whether I should just have a shake since my body would only have an hour to digest the biggest meal of the day. What's wrong with me! I need to have confidence in every decision I am making. Enough! A big breakfast was needed because I knew that David would put me through the ringer in the gym. Fewffff....deep breath...
On top of all of this, yesterday I realized that I have to stop counting down the days.."11 sleeps..."etc because pretty soon I will have no sleeps yet and I might miss out on the whole experience including everything I've worked so hard for over the past 22 weeks. Everyday needs to be enjoyed and taken in because this night will come and go so quickly and I want to enjoy every moment. Today is a perfect example. I have been waiting to get my suits since the beginning of May even thought I met Tanya in March. What happens if I'd been focusing all my energy on opening a box to be disappointed? Then all those moments where I was so focused on my suits arriving comes and goes and I missed focusing on training, pushing myself during cardio or getting enough sleep. Each aspect of this journey is important and I am going to spend more time appreciating them.
Seriously though, 11 sleeps. Insert big smile here.
Oh! How could I forget. I talked to Natalie last night and told her I felt super bloated and that I was holding a lot of weight or water and she told me to have a sweet potato with meals 3 and 4 today and a 6 oz steak for dinner. Holler! Hopefully it helps. I am going to enjoy my meals today, yippie! As for my meal plan, it is all going to change on Sunday. I will get my sodium/water/ food plan for the week leading up to competition and I can already tell you that all I will be eating is chicken. Not even a single egg white. It will be chicken, chicken, chicken. Maybe if I continue doing competitions I should live on a farm so I can have my own chicken coop and fresh veggies all the time...not to sound barbaric or anything.
During training today I had a little mini melt down just with everything going on but managed to contain it. David is so supportive and such a good trainer and knows when and how to push me.  After training and a visit with my sales reps, I headed home to a package that was waiting. My suits. I got home and as I was about to tear into the neatly, individually wrapped suits I stopped myself. I took a moment and sat down and took the time to enjoy the moment. I unwrapped the each package one by one and admired Tanya’s beautiful work. I was going to take photos, but I’ve decided to keep it under wraps for the big reveal. Sorry...
Natalie leaves on Thursday for Lou but I will get to see her briefly tomorrow to do a little posing practice so I can work on some things while she is gone. My head is in check and I am going to just go day by day. That’s all you can ever do.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

xo Nicole

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