Monday, May 16, 2011

Negative Nancy vs. Positive Patty..

This is my version or example of Jekyll and Hyde...Positive Patty vs. Negative Nancy attitude. I’ve tried putting on a leash on my mood swings and I felt like I was doing a good job until my sister rolled her eyes at me when I said this. I’ve been trying to keep an even keel...Anyways, I will admit that on Saturday after my hour workout (which was real challenge) and 45 minutes of ball busting cardio, I was in Starbucks waiting my turn to grab a quick coffee and this guy budged right in front of me. Normally I would have let this go, but I kindly pointed out that I was in line along with a few other people. He looked at me like I had a 3rd eye ball. Not sure who he thought he was, but I assure you he looked nothing like Prince William so he wasn't getting away with it. After I got my coffee, and was stared down by this guy, I went and watched my trainer finish his Crossfit workout called "Filthy 50" and it was kind of a nice role reversal. I had the coffee and got to watch him sweat for a change. Usually it’s the other way around. Not sure if you've ever heard of Crossfit before but that it mad intense. You have to have some serious balls to do crossfit that’s fer shizzle.

I definitely didn't feel myself Saturday morning but by the afternoon I was as good as new. I spent the day studying and doing a little bit of work before I finally dragged my butt to the gym to do my second cardio. My hamstrings are still hating on me from my workouts Friday and Saturday. I can see an ice bath helps as a recovery tool. My legs and abs are what I want to focus on for the next two weeks but that I also really need to "Trust the Process." One of the reasons I was in such a slump on Saturday morning was that I weighed myself and I am back to my cursed weight of 128.4. This means I need to kill myself for the next two weeks at the gym doing cardio and leave it all on the table. Since I only have 12 more sleeps I should do as much as I can every chance I get so I don't have any regrets when I'm on stage.

My suits arrive tomorrow and words cannot describe how excited I am to open that box! It will be like an episode from Extreme Makeover Home Edition when Ty yells, “move that bus!” I think things are going to start get very real over the next little while. All the appointments I have booked are starting to come up including my personal training exam with Canfit Pro that I am studying for. It’s probably a good distraction to have that, training and work to keep me on tract with my eating and prevent me from grazing which at this point I haven’t be doing any of because of the stupid scale. Another reason I haven’t been grazing is because of that saying “i’ll start Monday.” Well there aren’t too many Mondays left for me to use up before the competition.

I told David, well I think he could sense my frustration because I wasn’t my bubbly self, about this on Saturday and he gave me the story about muscle being more dense than fat. I should take this as the truth because I did my heaviest deadlift to date, 175 lbs. Who knew I could lift so much?! On Saturday we did this crazy circuit. It involved me doing as many rounds as I could in 20 minutes. The round was 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats. I got through 12 rounds which means I did 60 pull ups, 120 push-ups and 180 squats, yeah buddy.

Natalie is only 5 days away from her Louisiana competition it’s so important to practice with her as much as possible. She will be home next Monday so I will have a few more days with her before she jets off for another competition in California.  On my way home from my second cardio session I went to superstore to pick up some things before I went home and had a great dinner. My sister had her friends over for the hockey game and my eating behaviour was quiet the topic of discussion. “Not even cookies” was the best line. I have literally been eating egg whites, steel cut oats, veggies, lean group turkey, chicken and nuts for the past 20 weeks. And that will soon change.

I did my photos early this morning so that I could be at the gym by 7 am. I need to get into a routine for this last push and one of those things is getting my cardio done early. This is probably one of the longest posts I’ve done in awhile but I figure tomorrows post will consist of me writing “OMG I LOVE MY SUITS, LOOK! <picture>” Anyways, I have a list longer than Santa’s right now so I will write to you all very soon.

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.


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