Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make Time. Not excuses.

So my road trip began early yesterday morning. I was up at 6 am, picked up my rental (Snowflake - a white Mazda 3), hit the show room to stock my ride and en route to Kamloops I was. After a long drive and a much needed pit stop in Merritt, I arrived.  I got right to work and visited my first few accounts, I even stopped in Chilliwack at 9:30 on the dot for the mall opening hours and did a product knowledge session with Shoe Warehouse. After working back to back accounts, I decided to wrap it up around 5:30 and go find a hotel. After calling around I found my nest and unpacked. I promised myself a workout at a Gold's Gym I scoped out before I made dinner with my pre-packed chicken.

I got to the gym and was surrounded by some fine looking peeps. It was like I had walked into a Hollister clothing casting call with a bunch of male models. I started with my cardio and moved on to do legs and shoulders. My legs are so sore today which was expected considering I haven't seen the inside of an acutal gym consecutively in 3 or so weeks...After my workout I headed back to my hotel for some much needed food and wrapped up some work and went to bed.

My alarm went off at 6 am this morning so that I could get back to the gym and do my cardio and a little bit of weights before I hit the road for Salmon Arm, Vernon and Kelowna where I am currently staying. I arrived at this gym around 6:30 and got my 45 minutes of cardio underway. It took me almost 15 minutes for my legs, more specifically my hams to warm up because they were still tight from the day before. I had planned on doing cardio tonight as well but my body was tired and sore so I made a good dinner and plan on getting up and hitting the World Gym here in Kelowna early tomorrow morning. After my workout I went to Cora's for breakfast and I wasn't as impressed as I have been in my previous visits to other locations and find it over priced for what you get. Tomorrow I am treating myself to White Spot breakfast after my workout. All I want are some eggs and fruit!

The best part of my trip is my sweet new cooler. Its mint! The worst part is driving past "Homemade Fresh Fruit Pie" signs every 5 km's. If you know me, you know how much I love my pie. So yummy. Every time I'd pass the exit, I'd close my eyes so that I would veer off course. Ironically enough that has two meanings. My cooler I picked up before I left at Canadian Tire so it could hold all my pre-cooked chicken and asparagus. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and had an attachment so you can pull it into the wall = money.

My food so far this trip has been good. I felt really prepared and I have gotten pretty creative. I've stopped at Save On or Wal Mart and picked up a bag of salad and then cut up some of the avocado I brought and a piece of chicken and it makes a pretty good salad. I've also had rice cakes with peanut butter, rice cakes with hummus, apple and peanut butter etc. The norm for me and if I can make food in the car, anything is possible...aka - making your lunch and taking it to work.

The trip has been really good but finding a hotel that's under $120 is hard, but I'm responsible and so I've taken one for the team and decided to stay at the Super 8 tonight in Kelowna and will probably be here tomorrow night too. It doesn't have a gym, but the staff are awesome and it has a full continental breakfast. I actually got their last room but the downside is that it's next to the highway, a construction site (I'll be up early - motivation to go to the gym and my room is on ground level so I hear everything. Anyways, I'm pretty pooped so I'm sure I'll pass out when my head hits the pillow.

Anyways, I have an early date with the gym. Do you?

Oh! And one last thing. I saw a great sign at the gym and it read "Make Time. Not Excuses" Sleep on that one. :)

Yours in health and fitness,

Nic Out.

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