Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road-wich anyone...

I made on of the best sandwiches, now coined *roadwiches* this past week during my travels on the island. My cousin, Gemma is working at a bakery in Campbell River and gave me a delicious olive loaf and that combined with some ingredients in my handy dandy cooler equals a delicious chicken avocado sandwich.  I literally made this roadwich* on the hood of my car.

My trip to the Island was a very successful work trip. I covered a lot of territory in the week that I was there and for that I would give myself a 9 out of 10. With regards to my food, I would give myself a 3. I packed food and eat really well the first few days until I passed Pink Sugar on Fort St. in Victoria were they make dairy free cupcakes aka. my Kyrptonite and I paid 16.95 for half a dozen cupcakes.

I had an Elvis cupcake for lunch that day. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting rolled in peanuts. Can you see what I mean about being a bad example. Later that night Jessica, her mom Laura and I polished off the other 5 cupcakes as we cut them into quarters. They were delicious to say the least. Check them out if your in Victoria, They make the worlds best CUPCAKES!

In terms of workouts, I would give myself a 3 as well. All the hotels I stayed at had "gyms" which I think should be call treadmill rooms because that's all they'd have in there and some had a random set of weights. This is really no excuse because I could easily Google map a gym close to my hotel and get up an hour earlier and go. Note to self: find a gym this next trip and use it - remember the skinny shorts! When I got home on Saturday I went to bed at 9 and slept for a solid 12 hours. I was exhausted to say the least.
After resting up, unpacking, paying bills, catching up on work and cleaning my apartment I got on my bike and went for a very, very long bike ride. Unfortunately that didn't do the trick and I am still waddling in my "skinny shorts." I'm not worried about this because I have a goal and I am going to work really hard over the next few weeks to get back into a groove so that I am prepared for when training starts August 15th.

In addition to my roadwich* I managed to make a meal salad in my car with a few things from Safeway. A blueberry, avocado, chicken salad. Having pre-cooked chicken makes a huge difference when yo
ur on the road. You don't even have to think about what your going to eat you just think of how your going to make it.

Speaking of eating healthy, my mom just made a fresh blackberry crisp.....crap!  Temptations suck.

Yours in health (ish) and fitness (kind of)

Nic xoxo

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