Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm definitely not perfect, but I'm SERIOUS!

Today I wanted to lay it all on the table about my struggle with food. I think everyone has a little bit of an inner battle with food or it might just be me. If only grocery stores could make life easy and only carry things that are good for us like fruits and veggies, meats and poultry (for those of us that aren't vegetarians) grocery shopping would be an easy task. People wouldn't have to read books about "avoiding the middle isles" and the bakery department. They wouldn't have candy and chocolate near the check out next to the trashy magazines that tempt us as we stand in line. It would be an easy decision to reach for the healthy options and there wouldn't be 45 different types of cereal that claim to be gluten free, sugar free, fat get my point.

Food for me has been a constant battle and many of you might not believe me but I struggle quite a bit with food. I am a little bit of a closet eater, which it very embarrassing for me to admit especially since I try to lead by example and help others make better choices when it comes to what we put in our bodies. My biggest weakness is peanut butter. I don't even know why but I could sit down and eat an entire tub of peanut butter. I know that I shouldn't eat more than a 1tbsp, which is what my meal plan allows for as a snack but it comes down to control. Yes, I am in control of what I put in my body and I know that I will get back into my routine but these first few days have had there moments where I've found myself hungry so I eat something. I'm not saying that I won't feed myself if I find myself hungry but what I've been grazing on might now always be the best option.

My training program has been going really well but my meal plan is whats been hurting. The first two days were awesome but then I threw myself under the bus. At the end of the day I am the only one responsible or the decisions I felt like talking about my struggles would help me and show that I am definitely not perfect, I have flaws and weaknesses too. We all have weaknesses and that is what makes us all human and gives us the chance to improve and make ourselves better.

Last night I went for a little drive to clear my head and sat outside for a little while and contemplated my latest competition and whether I was serious. The answer was OF COURSE I'M SERIOUS! I love prepping and eating healthy and training and writing my blog and hopefully inspiring others. It's all a process and I just feel a little all over the map right now with all the travelling I'm doing but I know I can find the balance and persevere. As I mentioned yesterday, training definitely keeps me grounded and I just need to find my groove and everything will be good.

Things are just a little crazy right now, but that helps keep things interesting and soon enough I'll get some down time. I am going to take it one day at a time and get my meal plan on track because 80% is about the food and training for me is easy, well its hard but easy for me to go to the gym.

Today I'm at the Vancouver Shoe Show and tomorrow is the FEMSPORT event downtown so if your around come check it out.

I'll be off to Saskatoon on Monday morning for I'll fill you all in when I get there and let you know how things are going with my meal plan. I promised myself that I would make more of an effort to stick to my plan because I am committed.

Do you have a plan that your committed to? Having a goal is the first step.

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic xoxox

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