Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rack of abs please...sans dressing

This weekend was a great chance to train like a maniac and let my body recover and relax. These sound like two very different things but when you have the house to yourself for 3 full days and are as efficient as I can be...it leaves a lot of spare time. I prepped food, worked out and wasn't rushed to be anywhere and had lots of time to relax and let me body rest. Come Tuesday, I felt great. I'm down to 135 now which I am happy about but it's getting surreal that in less than 10 weeks or 70 days I will be back on stage. My body is filled with nervous excitement and after discovering my new rack of ab (only 2 nuggets) I'm pretty excited. Now I just need to find my other 2 racks and some lines and I'll be good to go...
The next few weeks I know I need to up my cardio. My original goal was less that 130 (my curse weight) by the end of September because I wanted to be realistic with  myself. I know my body well enough that it will take a few weeks or a more to notice results which is why I am just enjoying the process and literally going one day at a time and focusing on eating right and training to my full potential. If I do that each day, I know I will not only enjoy the process of prepping but will be successful.
To be super honest, even though the weight isn't coming off as fast, which I accept, it was so motivating to see my abs starting to form again and hear other people notice that I've lost some weight. It's the hardest to notice it on yourself and this makes me understand the importance of photos even more. I told my coach Leigh that is was the worst taking photos when you have just rolled out of bed, no makeup, and under horrible apartment lighting but it is good to have them to look back on and compare week to week to see where you are really leaning out. If I grow a set I promise I will post my photos 8 weeks out. It all depends on what kind of hair day I'm having...
Oh! And I forgot to mention that I took my "cheat meal" last night even after I said I didn't feel like I needed them but after Brett was away for the weekend, I wanted to get a little dressed up when I fetched him from the ferry and go out for dinner. I was thinking of all sorts of things like burgers or dairy-free gelato from Qoola but when it came to ordering (we were at White Spot - holla) I wasn't craving anything and ordered......a...Salmon Spinach Salad dressing on the side! So bizzare right?! The salad had pecans, salmon, strawberries, blueberries and was De-LISH! It will also probably be my last cheat meal considering I have to cut some serious LB's this week. Did I mention I had a small size of fries....talk about a cheat. Anyways I was up early and at the gym to meet Jill and she and I did a crazy stair workout and I'm pretty sure I burned my food off from last night. My shirt was a little sweaty to say the least.
Not as exciting as a burger but it sure tasted delicious and I enjoyed every bite! It's so weird that I think I want to eat all these foods but when I don't eat them, I don't feel any different. I might feel a little proud that I'm not craving them but I think my mind is very into training and prepping (minus the fries) and I look forward to focusing on things like developing my quads and abs and filling out my shoulders instead of curling a Burg. Don't get my wrong I like a Burg just as much as the next person but I think I'd rather make one myself so I know what's going in it and I can make it a clean meal.
Anyways, this week is going to be busy. It's a short week at work and I have lots of workouts to get in. I am jacking up my cardio and doing an additional 20 - 30 minutes after my weights. I'm really starting to notice my shoulders filling in and my back is starting to get toned again and I'm feeling great. I think my weekend of R&T (Rest and Training) really paid off.
Here's to less than 10 weeks!

Have a great week,

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat!

Nic out!

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