Monday, November 19, 2012

My first guest blog with Tosca Reno!

It's been a week since my competition and I feel pretty good. I've been eating clean and unprocessed foods to give my body time to adjust to eating certain things again. One thing I have noticed is how hard it is when you don't have protein prepped in the fridge to take the time to stop and make it. I've resorted to shakes which have a lot of extras and my body is feeling it. Eating clean feels so good and has so many benefits. You feel great when you look in the mirror, your skin is less likely to break out, you sleep better, the list goes on.

Thinking about how hard it is to find healthy foods, I've decided that to maintain my off season weight, I am going to continue carrying a cooler. Yes, that's right. My new accessory is going to be a sexy cooler. I will prep food (maybe not boiled chicken) in advance and make sure I am always ready for the day so that I can maintain a weight within 8 to 10 pounds of my competition weight. 

With Christmas right around the corner and commuting back and forth between Vancouver and Victoria will help me stay on track and not stress out about missing a meal or eating something I shouldn't. Just because my journey to Sandra is over for another year doesn't mean I should stop blogging now! So follow my journey through the off season where I can post helpful tips on what's in my cooler and eating on the run.

I spent the weekend in Vancouver and had an amazing time! The hard part is where to start. I'll start with Thursday. I took the ferry over to Vancouver and my first stop was Whole Foods. I had some time to kill before I met the property manager to get the keys to our new place. After getting the keys I went straight to the gym where I learned that I am unable to train clients there due to the company managing the gym. The guy recommend that I visit his friend Mike across the street from my house where I could bring clients for a very reasonable fee and it's just across the street.

After sorting out my training situation I headed back up to my apartment and blew up my air mattress and got my place all unpacked and then went to do some grocery shopping. Once I was all settled I went down to get my first workout in at my new gym...4 floors down! Amazing. With Thursday under my belt, I decided to pack it in.

Friday morning I woke up on the floor of my room. Brett was right. The air mattress was a dud. I rolled out of bed and went down stairs to Whole foods, basically my kitchen...and grabbed a newspaper, coffee and steel cut oats with nuts and fresh fruit...YUM! I had an interview at 9:30 and then a photo shoot with Larry Niven at 11am. The day was on!

The interview went well but they aren't hiring for a few weeks...patience young grasshopper, patience. Time was ticking and I had originally cancelled the photo shoot because the guy at the gym wouldn't let us shoot in it because he required permission from the building manager who I couldn't get a hold of. Then I got the best news from Briana at the Oval who said I could shoot in the High Performance room at the Richmond Olympic Oval. BEST NEWS!!! I called Larry and rescheduled the shoot for 12:30. As soon as my interview was done, I jumped on the sky train and headed out to the oval.

The shoot was amazing and Larry got some really great shots. This is definitely one of my favorites. Hopefully they will work for my portfolio and I will be able to use them in a magazine....Oxygen worthy perhaps?...After a great afternoon of working I booked it back downtown to the Vancouver Convention Centre where I had to go to pick up my registration package for the Canfit Pro show I was attending on Saturday. As soon as I got my package I called my sister to see if I could crash at her place due to my deflated air mattress.

Robyn and I hung out and watched a movie and crashed pretty early. I got up at 6 am and started to get ready to head downtown for my first class at 8am. Bring Your Own Band. It was a great day to start off the day and I learned so many creative ways to use a band I never would have thought of. Then I had a break before my first of three lectures. The day was amazing and I am definitely going to attend all three days next year and pack it full of classes. All the instructors were awesome.

The best part of the day was an email saying my link was live. My first guest post on Tosca Reno's blog! Check it out...
If you like it, leave a comment! Please and thank you :)

After the conference I went back and Robyn and I hung and watched another movie....I decided to stay Sunday so we could go scream our lungs out at the Lions. The Lions lost but it was great to spend some time with Robyn in her new apartment. After the game we got to go down and hang with the players and then I made the decision to catch the 7 ferry. It was super windy and the ferries were cancelled! Boo hiss...

Anyways, after a long day of traveling today I am home and can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow and start my new off season program! I going to get strong and build more muscle. Yippie.

Sorry for the long post....lots going on and I didn't have access to my computer! I still have more to say....That's good for now.

Have a great night,

Nic out!

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