Thursday, November 1, 2012


Digits people! Did you really think I'd let a catch like Brett go. Crazy people. Only 9 sleeps now and it still hasn't hit me. What's going on?! Yesterday I did an early morning sesh at the gym (6am) and then got home and texted my girlfriend to see if she wanted to do a power walk before 9. We motored around Cedar Hill and then I had a jam packed day. Yes, unemployment can be busy!

I took a cab downtown and go my hair done and I LOVE it! Getting my hair done is so fun (that's the before.) Hair Salons are so much fun. You get to chat with the girls and get the dl on all the gossip. It was fun times. After an afternoon of errands, Brett and I hit the gym. He did some cardio and then patiently did some homework and waited for me to finish a workout and some cardio. My weights were good but I struggled through twenty tiny minutes of cardio. As we arrived home from the gym I remembered why I was so wiped and its because of that extra cardio I did with Jess huffin' it around Cedar Hill.

I didn't manage to get my hands on ANY if anyone has any leftover Kit-Kat's they'd like to donate to me you can mail them to me at 1195 Ki...jokes! But seriously keep a few for me in your freezer. Even though I didn't get any candy, I went and visited my lovely neighbours in Victoria who were handing out Wagon Wheels. Classic Needless to say I have them stash for post comp.

I wish something would wake me up or shake me out of this surreal dream I feel trapped in. Everyday is passing by and the competition is getting closer and closer but yet I feel so far away. There are only 9 sleeps left and I've been training for 75! Even numbers don't scare me. I know how many cardio sessions and weight days I have left. My fridge is stocked with prepped chicken, tilapia and steamed yams and broccoli to make life super easy with no excuses. My water intake is good and I feel super comfortable where I am.

Yesterday morning I decided to weigh myself and I was down another 2 lbs. After texting my coach Leigh she told me to try and maintain my weight as she doesn't want me getting any smaller. I have worked so hard to keep my legs and shoulders full that I would hate to loose that now. My meals are tight and if I feel hungry I have a cup a tea or coffee which seems to help tide me over until my next meal. Right now I am at 6 - 7 meals a day depending on how many hours I'm up. Yesterday I needed 7 because I was at the gym at 6.

Nothing else has really changed. I have been practicing my posing and have one last posing with Leigh next Thursday after my suit fitting with Colleen. I am taking the first ferry Thursday morning (yuck!) and then heading straight to Langley to get my new set of wheels (88' Volvo - from Brett's parents) and doing suit and then posing. Tanning and all that good stuff is happening Friday.

I wonder what I'll bake this year. Last year I did a crazy cupcake cake. Add your comments on Facebook on what you think I should make the Friday before. I was thinking chocolate cookies with peanut butter Reese chips. Can't wait to see what you all suggest. I'll post a picture of my mad baking skills along with my floating head (my face doesn't get tanned, just an FYI).

Have a great day everyone. It's almost FRIDAY!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat.

Nic out

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