Thursday, February 28, 2013

The D-word

Diet. Everyone who is trying to loose weight, well most people, are going on a diet or trying some sort of "quick fix" method. You hear people constantly saying they are on a diet but why not just change your life style instead of restricting yourself. Isn't that common sense?

To me the word diet has a negative connotation and people need to start thinking of food as fuel. Not something bad. Eating from stress or from experiencing different emotions whether they are good or bad isn't what food is for. In fact, I didn't even know the exact definition of diet, I'm looking it up...okay Wikipedia states that in the case of nutrition, diet is the amount of food consumed by a person. Wow! Diet is a basic concept and yet is has a really bad rap.

Society and companies have twisted the word diet into something trendy. We've all been there and tried different diets to look better for vacation or for New Years but the truth is, many and most don't stick to their resolution or diet plans. Diet is just how much food you consume and I will admit that I too was an emotional eater but now I've found peace with it and manage just fine. I know this because I can buy peanut butter and it's still in the fridge a week later and my hand isn't stuck in the jar. It was a real issue.

There are too many things to worry about and what you eat shouldn't be one of them unless you are deathly allergic to nuts! You should just eat raw and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Of course its okay to have a cupcake once in awhile because its a treat but not something you should have all the time. If you are on a path to losing weight, make sure your diet is sustainable and not restrictive because when it's over, you will be back at square one plus some.

Remember, diet isn't a bad word but what we make of it. It's how much food you consume. Stick to your goals and the important things and you will be fine.


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