Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I got my meal plan back last night. Waiting to open that email from Nat was almost as bad as waiting to get an exam back. The best news is that oats are still in my meal plan but instead of 1/2 c. I only get 1/3c. This is fine by me because I can still make my pancake with this so I'm a happy camper.  I thought I'd attach some photos of how I stay motivated and on track. Yup. I told you - planner.

The other good thing about my meal plan is that I get to eat more! Now that I'm eating more...I am doing more cardio :S To help mix up my gym routine I've started doing some cardio kick boxing for one of my two sessions a day. Check it out for a free trial. Char down at 30 Minute Hit Vancouver is awesome and knows I need to keep a intensity high cardio session when I come in and is sure making me work for a sweat. I love how I feel after I do the Hit. It is unlike any cardio workout I've ever experienced. You should try it!

I did my cardio at the Oval this morning so that I could practice my posing. My posing is starting to come along and I am feeling more comfortable in front of the mirror and getting stronger holding certain poses that look good. I will need to start practicing in my suit and in front of people next week to make sure that I am confident with the way certain angles look. Half way through my posing I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. Maybe it was nerves or I was just really hungry so it was time to get home and make some lunch.

Today is food prep Thursday. I have a lot to do for next week as I will be away for work. The guy that I am job shadowing is LA is probably going to think I'm nuts carrying chicken and HB eggs in my purse. But there is no time for error and I know that the trip is short and that I can make good choices. I have already scoped out the Whole Foods near my hotel, called to ask if there was a fridge in my room and what type of equipment the gym has = dork. If you know me well, you will think this is totally normal behaviour because I am 100% a planner.

A few thing I've started doing to prevent grazing is drinking water (flavored with Crystal Light, sweetened with Splenda) and chewing gum. I think I might be a gumaholic...I have gum in my car, gym bag, jacket pocket, living room and by the fridge (just incase I go in there to eat something I shouldn't...) I also leave myself little reminders to keep myself going but for now back to work!

Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat!

Nic OUT!

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