Monday, September 24, 2012

47 Days OUT!

With less than 7 weeks until the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, I am feeling good about my body and where I am. I've been training for 5 weeks now and the first few were a challenge but now, it's second nature. I was really hard on myself in the beginning because I didn't see changes right away but I did take 8 months off and had a busy off season. I am very happy that I decided to compete. Just after I got into my program I found out that there was a new rule implemented and if I compete and don't place (which I'm not thinking about - I am not training to not place, I'm training to win) I loose my exemption to BC's in 2013. The bottom line is everything is on the line and I will place.
My program includes weights and cardio but last weekend I started doing a Yoga class on Sunday to help stretch out my body and to have a good sweat. It feels awesome to change it up and I am going to continue doing yoga on Sunday with the girls.
With less than 7 weeks to go it's time to start organizing suit colors, hair and makeup appointments, tanning and everything else that goes along with the final week. This year is a lot different as I am travelling from Victoria to Vancouver (not a huge deal but lots of planning) for the competition. Luckily my parents will be moved into their new house the week prior and I will be able to stay with them. I'm also happy its a long weekend so I can take time to enjoy my birthday with friends and family after the competition.
Today Jill and I met at the gym, as planned, to do some cardio on the stair climber. We both looked at each other like, are we crazy?! Our legs were tuckered out from our cardio the night before...She pushed me through and we kicked butt for a solid 30 minutes of intervals on the stair climber and then did a cool down on the treadmill followed by 2 rounds of a 4 part glute circuit. Having a gym buddy is amazing! I don't know if I would be enjoying training as much as I am right now without her. As a competitor herself, she gets the food, the training the crazy prep and early nights. I never have to explain myself to her and that it such a great feeling.
This weekend was pretty busy with travel to Vancouver but it was amazing. I got to visit with my some of my besties Julie and Mariya and it was like old times. We caught up and drove around and it was like nothing had changed in the last 8 years. Just the three of us. It was great to spend some quality time with them and with my family. It was the last time I will ever be in my childhood home and it was a little emotional but I'm excited for the future and what it holds for my parents. The whole reason I went to Vancouver was to do a family portrait with my parents and sister Robyn infront of our old house and a few around the house so that we could have them to put up in the new house. I got to peak at a few of the photos and they look amazing! I can't wait to have them blown up and framed for my parents and their new house!!!
In two weeks I will be having a small surgery and have to take 4-5 days off from my training but it will be important for me to recover properly. My doctor said that I could walk on a treadmill at a low speed and no incline. She doesn't want my heart rate to get too high and my blood bumping and I definitely don't want any stitches to pop! The surgery is on my back to check for melanoma and my doctor wouldn't give me a choice to have it done now or later. Since my dad had the same surgery last year and it came back as melanoma she said it was important to do it now. Considering that will put me exactly 1 month out to the date of my competition I am a little worried about it but my coach said I will be fine and that we could work around it. My body and my health is my first priority anyways. In the mean time there is nothing I can do but continue training and keeping my diet tight.
Happy Monday my fitness friends!

Time to get to work :)
Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat! Nic OUT!


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