Thursday, November 8, 2012

My last post....until Monday!

Last night I took the ferry over to Vancouver and arrived at my parents new house a little after 11:30pm. After a very long day, my dad toted me around their new house and it is amazeballs!  Wednesday was a busy day of packing and wrapping up last minute details. With my suitcases and cooler in toe I was set. It took me almost the whole day to pack. Even with a list, I found myself procrastinating. My journey was coming to an end and it was starting to sink in. In less than 3 days I would be on stage.

As these final few days unfold, it's starting to hit me. Now that its starting to sink in, I have to remember to soak it all in. This is it! I have spent the last 12 weeks training twice a day and sticking to my meal plan. This is it. All my hard work and energy into one day. A moment. I've done all the work and now I get to enjoy it.

Today was a great day. Lots of birthday love and my job interview went swimmingly! I got up and went out to Langley to see Colleen, The Suit Lady and finally got to see my suit. It is beautiful. It's exactly what I envisioned. Mermaid Barbie! After picking up my suit, I drove over to Port Moody to meet with Leigh to do one final pose off in my new suit. It was all coming together. The time was ticking and I had to make my way back to White Rock and I only had 30 minutes to get ready for my interview...

After my interview I was suppose to do one last workout. Forty five minutes of cardio, instead my dad took me to this set of stairs by their new house called 1001 steps in Cresent Beach. I decided to run it a few times and man, what a workout! I love running stairs and every time I got to the bottom I would do 20 elevated sumo squats each side on the stairs. I figure I burned enough calories and walked back to the house with my dad. Of course I'm rocking my birthday sweater. Brett bought it in Phoenix and I promised I'd wear it...

I threw on the curling iron, not the smartest thing to do but I was interviewing with a hair product line, and started curling. Good thing I did my makeup in the morning or I would have been screwed...After my hair was done, I got dressed and booked it out the door. My dad had written out directions on how to get to my interview and I was en route. I had previous had a phone interview on Monday and it went well so he wanted to meet me in person. The interview went well and the guy I met with is awesome and he'd be my manager! I could definitely learn a lot from him. Next steps, I'll find out tomorrow but he said that I was one of the final three candidates and would have another interview on Tuesday. A trophy and a job in one week would be a pretty good week.  Fingers crossed.

Since today was such a great day, I think I am going to end my postings until after the competition. Thank you for all your support and all your wonderful messages. I hope I can make you all proud and bring home a trophy! First place here I come!!! First comes Sandra, second comes BC's, next comes Nationals and then a Pro Card! Lots of exciting things happening in the next week alone.

Eat. Tan. Sleep. Win!

Nic Out


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